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present Headmaster. The Monument was then unveiled and a prayer
of dedication was said. An anthem was sung, the words being "He that
shall endure to the end the same shall be saved." The collect of the
Foundation of the College was pronounced and the Benediction followed
by Dr. Pollock, Bishop of Norwich. This service was terminated by
chubert's "Solemn March."
There were three Headmasters present at this ceremony: Mr.
Vaughan, Dr. Pol1ock, and Mr. Malim, the present Master.
The following are extracts from the sermon preached by Dr. Pollock,
Bishop of Norwich, whose text was Revelation xiv, 5: "Without fault
before the Throne."
"There have been only five Masters of Wellington College.
I stand in the middle, familiar alike with the two who came before
me and those who have followed, into whose mourning I am
permitted to enter to-day. Nor can I enter this chapel without
thinking that here we set our aims more surely, more highly, than
in seeking for our boys the spirit of wisdom and understanding ...
and to crown all the fear of the Lord.' This) the Prophet's exposi–
tion of the activities of the Spirit of God, as you are aware, comes
into the great collect of the Confirmation Service; the thought that
reminds me of my happiest associations with the hundreds of my
own old pupils, alive or dead, as I think of the spiritual link between
us when those confirmation days used to make
not only a]]ies and
friends but, best of all, friends in the Lord."
"England must not allow, at home or abroad, the comrades of
the trenches to be rivals now, who only grasp at the spoils of
victory or the stolen fruit of self-contained aims . There are
hundreds and hundreds of Wellingtonians who have, one by one,
on our far-flung battlefields, given of their best for the salvation of
their country; they have adorned the history of their School and
enriched its traditions, and now stand, redeemed by the Blood of
the Lamb, without fault before the Throne of God."
"They climbed the steep ascent of heaven
Through peril, toil and pain
God, to us may grace be given
To follow in their train."
The Roll of Honour contains among the names those of even
Masters and Eleven Servants who gave their Jives.