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Salus in arduis."
HIS dignified Memorial, a Chapel in the English
Renaissance style, was planned by Mr. Talbot Brown, the
The Memorial Chapel was dedicated by the Bishop
of Peterborough on Commemoration Day, November 14th,
oak paneJling surrounds the Sanctuary. The School Arms
and Motto are emblazoned above a suitable inscription and the five panels
recording the names of the One Hundred and Eighty One who fell in
the 'Var, of which number Four were Masters.
The Communion rails are of oak, as is the organ screen, which is
carved and gilded. The organ is situated on the North Wall of the
Various adornments were made to the Chapel; on the roof are the
monograms and arms of Canterbury, Peterborough, the Universities of
Oxford and Cambridge, London and Manchester; the East Window
portrays St. Michael, St. George, St. Joan, St. Martin of Tours, St. Alban
and the
arrior Saints of France and England, surmounted by the arms
of Peterborough and the School.
Mr. Knight made the Altar furniture, which is of bronze gilded
after the Italian Renaissance style. The frontal Altar cloth is of blue and
gold brocade, while the pavement of the Chancel is of black marble. The
carpet is a fine example of Afghan work.
Two points during the service were of note: the fine rendering of
Psalm XLVI and the sounding of the
Last Post" by Bugler C. C.
One Thousand and Sixty Old Boys served in the Forces.