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with the rank of Flight Cadet. Promoted Second Lieutenant,
June, 1918. Service: Retained in Canada as an Instructor in
Flying. Demobilized, 28th February, 1919. Returned to duty
with the Bank, 11th February, 1919.
KERRIDGE, ARTHUR WHITE-Second Lieutenant. Born 14th
January, 1900, at Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Father, F.
Kerridge, Manager, The Canadian Bank of Commerce, Cookshire,
Quebec. Educated at Granby High School. Entered the service
of the Bank, 23rd June, 1916. Enlisted, 14th J anuary, 1918, from
West Shefford branch, in Royal Flying Corps, with the rank of
Flight Cadet. Transferred to Royal Air Force, 1st April, 1918.
Promoted Second Lieutenant, 26th February, 1919. Served as a
Pilot in the Royal Air Force in England. Demobilized, 12th
April, 1919. Returned to duty with the Bank, 7th May, 1919.
KESTEN, SOLOMON WOLFE-Cadet. Born 28th September,
1888. Father, Israel Kesten, Farmer. Entered the service of the
Bank, 1st August, 1917. Enlisted, November, 1917, from Herbert
KETTLE, FRANCIS HENRy-Lieutenant. Born 21st January,
1889, at London, Ontario, Canada. Father, George R. Kettle,
Wholesale and Retail Coal Dealer. Educated at London Public
School and London Collegiate Institute. Entered the service of
the Bank, 10th September, 1912. Enlisted, Srd February, 1916,
from Smith's Falls branch, in 42nd Regiment, "rith the rank of
Lieutenant. Transferred to Srd Canadian Engineers, 7th April,
1916. Appointed Adjutant, 15th May, 1916. Seryice: Guarding
prisoners of war at Petawawa Camp with 42nd Regiment, and with
Canadian Engineers training for Overseas service. Demobilized,
27th October, 1916, on account of being medically unfit for Over–
seas service, due to rheumatism contracted while on military duty.
Returned to duty with the Bank, 6th November, 1916. Retired
from the service of the Bank, 29th February, 1920.
KEWLEY, BENJAl\I1N HENRy-Lieutenant. Born 23rd August,
1889, at Kirk Bradden, Douglas, Isle of Man. Father, Benjamin
Kewley, Farmer. Educated at Dulwich College, London, England.
Entered the service of the Bank, 1st November, 1908. Enlisted,
27th August, 1914, from Elmwood, Winnipeg, branch, in Fort
Garry Horse, with the rank of Private. Transferred to Lord
Strathcona's Horse (R.C. ), France, 8th June, 1915; 18th Canadian
Reserve Battalion, 1st July, 1917; Royal Flying Corps, 11th
September, 1917; 18th Canadian Reserve Battalion, 12th February,