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September, 1917. Promoted Second Lieutenant, 24th February,
1918. Trained
Texas and England-Qualified as Flying Instruc–
tor in England. Demobilized, June, 1919. Returned to duty with
the Bank, 6th September, 1919.
WILFRID BARKER-Lieutenant. Born 6th June,
1896, at Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada. Father, Angus MacKay,
Physician. Educated at Ingersoll Public School and Ingersoll
Collegiate Institute. Entered the service of the Bank, 9th Decem–
ber, 1912. Enlisted, August, 1915, from St. Thomas branch, in
No. 2 Canadian Field Ambulance, with the rank of Private.
Transferred to 168th Canadian Battalion; attached to Royal
Flying Corps, April, 1917. Promoted Lieutenant, January, 1916.
On active service with Royal Flying Corps at Arras and St. Quentin.
Made prisoner of war, 27th July, 1917. (Repatriated, 14th
December, 1918.) Slight wound in the left leg, 27th July, 1917.
Returned to duty with the Bank, 10th March, 1919.
NOTE: Mr MacKay was shot down near Douai about eight
miles behind the enemy lines while on a bomb-dropping expedition.
He was interned at the following prison camps: Karlsruhe, Heidel–
burg and Holzminden.
Born 2nd June, 1897. Father, C. W. Mackechnie, Bookkeeper.
Entered the service of the Bank, 3rd February, 1914. Enlisted,
October, 1917, from Toronto branch, in Royal Flying Corps, with
the rank of Private.
+MACKEDIE, ALAN REGINALD--Captain. Born 18th December,
1890, at Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Father, John Williamson
Mackedie (deceased).
Educated at Westmount Academy.
Entered the service of the Bank, 1st March, 1912, from
Eastern Townships Bank. Enlisted, 4th July, 1915, from Van–
couver branch, in 47th Canadian Battalion, with the rank of
Lieutenant. Transferred to 18th Canadian Battalion, April, 1916.
Promoted Captain. Principal actions: Somme, 1916; Passchen–
daele, 1917; Amiens, Arras, Cambrai, 1918. Severely wounded
the arm, shoulder and chest, July, 1916, at Dickebusch.
Killed in Action, 28th August, 1918, by a sniper, while attack–
ing a machine-gun position. Buried in France by the Arras–
Cambrai road, near Cambrai. 81.
Born 29th
August, 1897, at St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. Father, Duncan
John MacKellar, Foreman, Building Department, Michigan Central
Railway, St. Thomas. Educated at St. Thomas Public School,