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The Distinguished Service Order
olonel and Colonel, Madras Staff Corp. For services in Burma." He
was awarded a Distingui hed ervice Pen ion in 1 90; created a C.B. in
1 91, and pI ced upon the Unemployed upernumerary List 9 Dec. 1891.
'Col. Dick n died 4 f ay, 1912.
MIDDLETON, FRANCIS BECKFORD, Colonel, was born in 1838,
nd entered the 21 t Iadras Native Infantry in 1 56; became Captain,
dadra taff Corps, in 1 6 ; Major in 1876; served in the Afghan War,
78-80 ( I dal); became Lieutenant-Colonel in 1882, and Colonel in
1 86;
served in the Burma Campaign of 18 5-87, being created a Com–
p'anion of the Distingui hed Service Order [LO'ndon Gazette, 25 Nov. 1887] :
• Francis Beckford Middleton, Lieut.-Colonel and Colonel, Madras Staff
Corps. For ervices in Burma." He retired in 1
,and died in the
ummer of
UPCHER, RUSSELL, Lieut.-Colonel, was born 3 Feb. 1844, son of the
late R W. Upcher, of Sheringham Hall, Norfolk. He was educated at
Harrow (West Acre), and entered the 67th Foot, as Ensign, 21 Nov. 1862,
and the 24th Regt. 9 Jan. 1 63, becoming Lieutenant 29 Oct. 1866,
and Captain 31 Oct. 1 71. He erved in the outh African War of 1877-
78--79. In the Kaffir Campaign he commanded the Left Column, and he
commanded the troops at the Battle of Quintana, and was pre ent at the
action of Kei RiYer. In the Zulu Campaign he commanded the 1st Battn.
24th Foot after the Battle of Isandhlwana. He was mentioned in De–
'>patches [London Gazette, 26 Feb. and 26 March, 1878, and 15 March and
21 Aug. 1 79. He received the Medal with clasp, and was given the Brevet
Major 11 Nov. 1 1. He was promoted to Iajor 4 Sept. 1 0; to
Lieutenant-Colonel 9 June, 1 82, and to Colonel 9 June, 1886. He served
in the Burmese War of 1 85-89; wa mentioned in Despatches, G.G.O.
64 of' 1; received the Medal with two clasps, and was created a Com–
r.anion of the
ervice Order [London Gazette, 25 Nov. 1 87] :
• Rus ell Upcher, Lieut.-Colonel and Colonel, outh Wales Borderers.
For ervices in Burma." He commanded the 5th and 68th Regimental
Di tricts; wa created a C.B. in 1 97; became Major-General 6 July,
1 9. Major-General R Upcher retired on 3 Sept. 1902. He has been
Colonel, The Durham Light Infantry, since 1908. In 1877 he married
Iarian Elizabeth, daughter of John Rogers, of Holt Hall, Norfolk, and
they have one on and one daughter.
DEEDES, WILLIAM HENRY, Colonel, was born 23 Feb. 1839, at
Cadogan Place, London, .W., son of William Henry Deedes (Civil Service,
India Office), and Harriet M. Deedes, daughter of the Rev. John J efTreys.
He was educated at Rugby, and wa gazetted to the Rifle Brigade as Ensign
on 1 ilIay, 1 55. He became Lieutenant-Colonel 9 Aug. 1882, and Brevet
Colonel in Dec. 1 6. He served in the Burmese Expedition in 1886-87,
commanding the 1st Battn. Rifle Brigade. The following is an extract
from the Records at Simla: "History of the Burmese War, 1885-86--87 :
Diary of Events. Colonel Deedes, Rifle Brigade, with a small party of
riflemen and sapper , whilst reconnoitring, came upon an obstruction in
nullah. The party consisted of Lieut. Radclyffe, seven riflemen, nine
apper (natives), and a few Burmese Police. The latter bolted, and the
sappers did not join in the charge up the hill. The party lined the bank,
and theappers were ent down to clear it. Fire was opened on them from
an ambush, and two appers were killed. Colonel Deedes, while endeavour–
ing to drag one of the sappers (mortally wounded) out of the fire, was him–
"elf severely wounded. The party then charged, and the enemy fled. A
corporal was al
severely wounded when charging." .. From the Com–
mand r-in-Chief, Mandalay, 1 Dec. 1 86: In action near Mimba, on
30th ult., Colonel W. H. Deedes and CorpI. C. Deadman, both of the 1st
Battn. Rifle Brigade, severely wounded. They are doing well." .. Dec.
15th, 1 6: Colonel Deedes was wounded while carrying a wounded
oldier out of fire; a Havildar of appers being killed at the same time."
He wa
everely wounded; mentioned in Despatche [London Gazette,
2 ept. 1 7]; received the :\'ledal with clasp, and was created a Companion
of the Distinguished ervice Order [London Gazette, 25 Nov. 1 87] :
" William Henry Deedes, Lieut.-Colonel and Colonel, Rifle Brigade. For
Operations in Burma." He retired with the rank of Major-General 7 Dec.
1 7, and died at Cimiez 20 Oct. 1915.
BUDGEN, WILLIAM THOMAS, Colonel, was born on 11 June, 1839,
believed at the Bahama Islands, son of Major-General Budgen, Royal
Engineer, and Mrs. Budgen
F. C. Maule). He joined the Royal Artil–
lery about 1 56; served in the Burma Campaign of 1885-87, commanding
RA. through mo t of it, and was created a Companion of the Di tingui hed
rvicl' Order [London Gazette, 25 Nov. 18 7]: "William Thomas Budgeon,
Lieut.-Colonel and Colonel, Royal Artillery. For services in Burma."
He commanded Royal Artillery, Karachi, ind, India, 1 7- 9; Brigadier-
• General commanding Bombay District, India, 1 89-94. He died 28
Feb. 1 94, at l\Ientone, France, on hi way home from India, of pneumonia,
after influenza. He married Olivia G. M. Jervois, daughter of Major–
General John Gordon Jervoi , RE., of Bath, and had two sons: Temple
Gordon de Courcy, Cape ivil ervice, erved as a private during the outh
ifrican War (wounded), and also in the Euro ean War (two Medals) ;
William apier, Brevet Lieut.-Colonel, RA., D.
and one daughter:
Florence Clara, married, in 190 , Lieut.-Colonel Lewis tratford Tolemache
Halliday, V.C., C.B., RM.L.!.
GORDO • JAMES HE RY, Colonel, wa born 25 Jan. 1 39, at Black–
heath, Kent, son of dam and usan Gordon. He joined the Indian
.Army on 20 April, 1 57. He married 29 Jan. 1 69, Arabella Hewit Sams,
daughter of the late Charles Hewit Sams, of Lee, Kent, and their children
were: Lucy; Charles CecH (deceased), born 29 Sept. 1 71; Margaret
Julia Arabella, and George Hamilton, born 29 larch, 1875. He erved
in Burma 1
commanding the 23rd Madras Light Infantry; was
pr ent at the taking of fandalay, and at the later operations; was twice
mentioned in D ipatch for general efficiency in Camp and Field, and
received th ledal; wa created a C.B. [London Gazette, 3 June, 1893]
and a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order [London Gazette,
1887] : .. James Henry Gordon, Lieut.-Colonel and Colonel, Madras
StalI Corps." He became Colonel 20 April, 1887, and was placed on the
Unemployed Supernumerary List 15 Jan. 1895.
PATTERSON, THOMAS WILLIAM, Surgeon-Major, was born in 1844,
son of the late Thomas Patterson, of Gortlee, Letterkenny. He joined
the .Army Medical Staff 31 March, 1 66; served in Afghanistan 1879-8Q
(Medal) ; the Expedition against the Mahsud Waziris in 1881; the Ex–
pedition to Suakin in 1885 (Medal and Khedive's Bronze Star); with the
Upper Burma Field Force in 1886-88, as Senior Medical Officer 4th Brigade.
For his services in this campaign he received the Frontier Medal, was
mentioned in Despatches [London Gazette, 2 Sept. 1887], and was created
a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order [London Gazette, 25
Nov. 1887]: .. Thomas William Patterson, Surgeon-Major, Medical Staff.
For operations in Burma." The Insignia were presented to
by the
Queen. Lieut.-Colonel Patterson retired on 5 June, 1889, and died on
2 Sept. 1903.
SKENE, CHARLES McDOWALL, Lieut.-Colonel, was born about
1844, son of
A. Skene, Lethenty,
Aberdeenshire, and a kinsman of the
Duke of Fife; waS educated at Addis–
combe, and joined the 43rd Gurkha Rifles
(then the 43rd Assam Light Infantry),
Indian Army. He served in the North-West
Frontier Campaign in 1863. He married,
24 June, 1870, at Ryde, Isle of Wight ,
Rosalie Purnell George, eldest daughter
of the late Mr. James Thorne-George, and
had four children: Charles George;
Madeleine; Alice Beatrice, and John
Gordon (now Major, 2/8th Gurkha Rifles,
Indian Army). He was present at the
Forcing of the Ambala Pass in the Duffia
Expedition in 1874; the Akka Expedition,
Charles McDowall Skene. 1873--74; the Burmese Expedition, 1886--
89, when he took the Ruby Mines; was
mentioned in Despatches, and created a
Companion of the Distinguished Service Order [London Gazette, 25
1887]: .. Charles McDowall Skene, Lieut.-Colonel, Bengal Infantry. For
operations in Burma." He commanded the Northern Column in the
Chin-Lushai Expedition, and was repeatedly mentioned in Despatches
from the Government of India. Colonel Skene was killed in action at
Manipur in March, 1891, aged 47, having been transferred to 42nd Gurkh
Rifles as Commanding Officer just previously.
CAMPBELL, COLIN CHARLES, Colonel, was born on 18 June, 1842,
in India, and entered the Madras Army
in 1860; became Captain, M.S.C. (now
LA.) in 1872; Major, 1880; served in
the Burmese Expedition, 1885-86-87,
commanding expedition to Kandat . He
was mentioned in Despatches [London
Gazette, 22 June, 1886], and created a
Companion of the Distinguished Service
Order [London Gazette, 25 Nov. 1887] :
"Colin Charles Campbell, Lieut.-Colonel ,
Madras Infantry. For operations in
Burma." lie became Lieut.-Colonel 22
Dec. 18 6, and Colonel 22 Dec. 1890.
Colonel Campbell retired from the service
in 1893.
Colonel, was born in 1843, son of the late
Colin Charles Campbell.
icholas Cummins, Esq., J.P., of Ashley
House, and Myrtleville House, County
Cork. He was educated a t Cheltenham Collegp, and at Addiscombe,
and entered the Madras Army in 1861. He married, in 1869, Louie,
daughter of the late T. Dunman, Esq. (Commissioner of Police, Straits
Settlements), of Clovelly, Bournemouth. He became Captain in 1873,
was transferred to the Madras Staff Corps (now Indian Staff Corps) in
1875; became Major in 1883; Lieutenant-Colonel in 1887, and Colonel
in 1894. He served in the Afghan Campaign, 1878-80, and in both Bazar
VaUey Expeditions, as Staff Officer, Kurram VaUey Transport (Medal,
Brevet of Major). He served in the
Expedition of 1882, as
Second-in-Command of the Punjab Mule Corps; with the Sudan
Expedition of 1 85, taking part
the operations at and burning of
Tamai (Medal with clasp and Bronze Star). For his services in the Burma
Campaign of 18 6-89, he received special mention in Despatches [London
Gazette, 2 ept. 18 7]; received the Medal with two clasp, and was created
a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order [London Gazette, 25 Nov.
1 7]: "James Turner Cummins, Lieut.-General, Madras Staff Corps.
For erv ices in Burma." He was A.A.G., Madras Forces, in 1895, since
when he was Q.M.G. He served in China 14 May, 1901; was created a
C.B., and received a l edal. Major-General J. T. Cummins died 14 Oct .
1912, at 8, King's Avenue, Ealing.
M'LEOD, DONALD JAMES SIM, Lieut.-Colonel, was born
22 Feb. 1845, second son of Lieut.-General W. C. M'Leod. He was educated
at Kensington Proprietary School, and joined the Madras Cavalry as
Cornet 20 July, 1861, becoming Lieutenant 20 July, 1862. He was given
the Brevet of Captain 20 July, 1873, and became Captain, Madras Cavalry,
4 Nov. 1874. From 1 77 to 18 8 he served on the Army Staff in India.
He became Major 20 July, 1881, and Lieutenant-Colonel 20 July, 1887 .
He served in the Burmese Expedition of 1886-87, as D.Q.M.G., Madras