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Service Order
; was mentioned in Despatches [London Gazette, 2 Sept. 1887] ;
receIved the Medal and clasp, and was created a Companion of the Dis–
tinguished Service Order [London Gazette, 25 Nov. 1887]: .. Donald
James Sim M'Leod, Deputy Quartermaster-General Madras. For ser–
vices in Burma." From 1890 to 1893 he commanded the Madras Lancers .
Aug. 1893; was A.A.G., Distfict, 1893-95;
India,3 July, 1895; created a C.B. in 1898; promoted
11 .Feb. 1899; Major-General Commanding a First Class
DIstrICt, 1901-3; LIeutenant-General, commanding the Burma Division,
1903-1908; promoted to General 7 May, 1906; retired 8 May, 1906. In
that year he was created a K.C.I.E., and a K.C.B. in 1913. Sir Donald
favourite recreations are riding, fishing and shooting. He married
1877, Camilla, daughter of Major J. Nicholas, and they have one son
and one daughter.
entered the Bombay Army
IX?- 1861; became LIeutenant
1863; served in the Abyssinian
1867-{)8 (Medal); was promoted Captain in 1871' served
in the Afghan War in
(services acknowledged by
Medal); was promoted Ma]or m 1871; served in the Burma Campaign in
1886; was mentioned in Despatches 2 Sept. 1887; received Medal and
clasp, and was created a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order
[London Gazette, 25 Nov. 1887]: "Reginald Hennell Lieut.-Colonel
Bombay. Infantry."
was Colonel Commanding
1st Voluntee;
Battn. MIddlesex Regt.
1891, and retired in 1901, being knighted in 1902.
!n 1892 he was appointed to the Honourable Corps of Gentlemen-at-Arms ;
1894 became Exon of H.M.'s Royal Body Guard of the Yeomen of the
Clerk?f the Cheque and Adjutant of this- Guard in 1895, and
LIeutenant Semor Permanent Officer in 1901. In 1910 he was created a
C.V.O., and in 1915 was appointed Honorary Colonel 3rd Cadet Battn.
Middlesex Regt. Colonel Sir Reginald Hennell has written the " History
of the Yeomen of the Guard, 1485-1904," "Our Birthright," " Looking
Ahead," and other military essays dealing with the Volunteer Territorial
and Cadet Training. His D.S.O. was awarded for operations
C0!lBETT, ROBERT DE LA COUR, Surgeon-Major, was born at
InnIshannon, County Cork, Ireland, on 1 July, 1844, fourth son of the
late Richard Corbett, M.D., and Mary de la Cour, eldest daughter of the
late Capt. W. H. Herrick, Royal Navy. He was educated privately, and
at Queen's College, Cork, and Trinity College, Dublin (M.D., F.R.C.S.I.),
and became Assistant Surgeon, Army Medical Department, in 1867. In
he became Surgeon-Major. He served during the Burmese War,
1885-87, in charge of No. 5 Field Hospital ; was Senior Medical Officer
with the Bhamo Expeditionary Force, and Acting Principal Medical Officer ,
Upper Burma Field Force. For his services during the Burmese War
he was mentioned in Despatches [London Gazette, 2 Sept. 1887] He was
created a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order [London Gazette,
2? Noy. 1887]: .. Robert de la Cour Corbett, Surg.-Maj., M.S. For opera–
tIOns m Burma." In 1887 he became Surgeon-Lieut.-Colonel: in 1893
Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonel, and in 1898, Colonel, Royal Army
MedIcal Corps. He was P.M.O., Oudh and Rohilkhand District, North–
Western Provinces, India. Colonel Corbett married Harriet Lucie, eldest
daughter of Robert Gregg, of Cork. He died 24 March, 1904.
STEAD, ALFRED JAMES, Major; served on the Indian Frontier, 1864-
66 (Medal); in Afghanistan, 1878-80 (Medal); in Burma, 1885-87. In
Burmese War he commanded a detachment at Pagan; was mentioned
Despatches (22 June, 1886, and 2 Sept. 1887); received a clasp, and
was created a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order [London
Gazette, 25 Nov. 1887]: "Alfred James Stead, Major, Bengal Infantry.
For operations in Burma." In 1891 he served in the Hazara Campaign.
He was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel 4 Oct. 1887, and retired. He
died on the 20th of March, 1909.
FREDERICK WILLIAM, Surgeon-Major, Indian Medical
ervI~e ,
BeX?-gal, was born in 1850, son of the late Robert ·John Wright, of
IS C.l\f. and M.C., Edinburgh; entered the Indian Medical
in 1873; served in the Afghan War, 187&-80, being fr esent in the
affaIr of J ugdulluk, action of Charasiah, march from Kabu to t.he relief
and battle of 1 Sept . Operations against the Maris. He
receIved the Medal with clasp for Kandahar , and the Bronze Decoration.
Burma, 1886-87 (Despatches [London Gazette, 2 Sept. 1887] ;
Medal WIth clasp); created a Companion of the Distinguished Service
Order [London Gazette, 25 Nov. 1887]: "Frederick William Wright ,
Service. For operations in Burma." He
served WIth the British Contingent China Expeditionary Force 1900- 1
(i\~eda l);
in Waziristan, 1901- 2
and clasp). He was
LIeutenant-Colonel 1 April, 1 93, and has retired. Lieut.-Colonel ',"right
married in 1914, Edith Bella Freeman, of Dover.
ROSE, HENRY METCALFE, Major, was born at Sangor, East Indies,
30 July, 184 , eldest son of General Hugh Rose, of Kilravock, ilverdale
Eastbourne; was educated at a private school, and at the Royal
Sandhurst; joined the 107th Regt. 8 March, 1867, and
ent~red t~e
Indian Staff Corps
Sept. 1869. He married in 1870, Georgina
Julie, t.hud daughter of Sir Norman Robert Leslie, 6th Baronet. He
the Afghanistan Campaign, 1879-80; with the Khyber Field
Force (Medal); served on North-We3t Frontier of India Hazara in 1891
.( clasp); also
the Second liranzai Expedition in 189i (clasp)'; served
m the Burma Campaign, 1886- 7; operations of 3rd and 4th Brigades,
Southern. Shan Column; was mentioned in Despatches; received the
WIth two clasps; was created a Companion of the Distinguished
Order [London Gazette, 25 Nov. 1887]; "Henry
MaJor, Bengal taff Corps. For operations in Burma." He was Colonel on
the Staff, India, and Malakand Force. He became Colonel 26 Sept. 1897,
and was placed on th upernumerary Li t 30 July, 1905. .
DENING, LEWIS, bjor, was born in 1848, son of John Dening, Esq. ,
of Pitt House, Ottery St. Mary. He was educated in Devonshire, and
entered the 75th Regt. 11 May, 1867, as Ensign; was transferred to the
39th Regt. 11 June, 1868, and to the
(now 1.S.C.) 20 April, 1 71. He
married firstly, at Plymouth, in 1872,
Eliza J anet (died in 1876), daughter of the
late W. Eales, Esq., of Plymouth ; and
secondly, in 1877, Beatrice Catherine,
daughter of the late E. J. Scott, Esq., of
Portland Lodge, Southsea. His sons are:
Major Lewis Eales Dening; )fajor Harold
Dening ; Capt. Roland Dening, and
Lieut. John Pitt Dening. His daughters
are Honoria, wife of Colonel A. J. Macnab,
1.M.S.; Irene, wife of Major
coigne, R.F.A.; Gladys Violet, and Eva.
J oan. He served in the Afghan War,
187&-79 (Medal); was Brigade-Major,
Bengal, 1880-81, and D.A.A.G., Bengal ,
Lewis Dening.
1885; became Captain 11 May, 1879.
He served with the Burma Field Force.
1886-87; was mentioned m Despatche ; Medal with cla p, and was
created a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order [London Gazette,.
25 Nov. 1887]: "Lewis Dening, Major, Bengal Staff Corps." Personally
by the Commander-m-Chief; was promoted Major 11 May, 1887,.
and LIeutenant-Colonel 11 May, 1893; served with the Expedition to
Dongola in 1896 (British and Egyptian Medals); "ith the Mohmand Field
Force, 1897-98; mentioned in Despatches [London Gazette, 11 Jan. 1898] ;
Brevet of Colonel 11 May, 1897; Colonel 1 Sept. 1900.
with clasp_
He served with the Waziristan Expedition, 1901-2; mentioned in De–
[London Gazette, 8 Aug. 1902] ; Clasp; created a C.B.; became
LIeutenant-General, 1 Jan. 1904; commanded Burma Division, India,
7 Feb. 1907; Lieutenant-General 11 Dec. 1907; K.C.B. in 1909. Sir
Lewis Dening died 16 Feb. 1911, at Jubbulpore, India, when
en route
England. His D.S.O. was awarded for operations in Burma.
RAWLINSON, SPENCER RICHARD, Major, was born in 1848, son
of the late Rev. George Rawlinson. He entered the 45th Regt. in 1867 ;
was transferred to the M.S.C. (now 1.S.C.), 1871. He married, in 1877,
Mary (who died in 1882), daughter of H. Mann, Esq., of Hedenham Hall,
Norfolk. He became Captain in 1879; served with the Burma Fipld Force
in 1885-87 (Medal with clasp); mentioned in Despatches 2 Sept. 1887 ;
created a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order [London Gazette,
25 Nov. 1887]: "Spencer Richard Rawlinson, Major, Madras Staff Corps."
~e beca~e
Major in 1887; Lieut.-Colonel 20 July, 1893. Colonel Raw–
hnson died on 15 April, 1903. His D.S.O. was awarded for operations in
SerVICe, Bombay, was born 22 Oct. 1852, son of the late Rev. Benjamin
Street, Vicar of Barnetby, Lincolnshire; became l.R.C.S. England, in
1874; L.R.C.P. London, in 1870; joined the Bombay Medical Service
as Surgeon 1 Oct. 1877. Served in the Afghan War 1878-80; action on
the Helmund 14 July, 1880; cavalry affair 23 July, 1880; battle of
Maiwand, defence of Kandahar, and battle of 1 Sept. (mentioned in
Despatches, Medal with clasp). He married, in 1884, Helen, daughter
of the Rev. Edward Mitford Moongall, Vicar of Frodingham, Lincolnshire.
He served with the Burma Field Force (Despatches, London Gazette, 2
Sept. 1887); Medal with two clasps; and was created a Companion of
the Distinguished Service Order [London GazettE', 25 Nov. 1887]: "Alfred
William Frederick Street, Surgeon, Indian Medical Service, Bombay.
For operations in Burma." urg.-Maj.l Oct. 1897 ; Deputy anitary Com–
missioner, Bombay. Lieut.-Colonel A.
F. Street died 30 Jan. 1911.
ELLIOT, EDWARD LOCKE, Capt., was born 28 Jan . 1850, son of the
late Colonel Edward King EIliot. He was educated at Harrow, and at
the R.M.C., Sandhurst; entered the 108th Regt. 22 Jan. 1868; served in
the Afghan War in 1879 (Medal); became Captain, Bombay Staff Corps
(now I. .C.), 22 Jan. 18 0; served in the Burma Campaign in 1 7-89
(Despatches 2 Sept. 1887); medal with two clasps; created a Companion
of the Distinguished Service Order [London Gazette, 25 Nov. 1887]:
"Edward Locke Elliot, Capt., Bombay Staff Corps. For services in
Burma." He became Major
Jan. 1888 He married, in 1893, Eva ybil,
daughter of Colonel Percy Smith, and they have one daughter. He became
Lieutenant-Colonel 22 Jan. 1894. Lieut.-Colonel Elliot served with the
Dongola Expeditionary Force in 1896 (C.B., Medal, Khedive's Medal, and
mentioned in Despatches); in South Africa in 1901-2, on Staff (as Special
Service Officer, graded as Major-General on Staff in command of Mobile
Cavalry Division, from 26 March, 1901) ; operations in Orange River
Colony March, 1901, to 31 May, 1902. He was mentioned in Despatches
[London Gazette, 17 June and 29 July, 1902]; received Queen's Medal
with four clasps, and was created a K.C.B. Sir Edward Elliot was Inspec–
tor-General of Cavalry in India, 1 9&-1904; became bjor-General
1 April, 1902; Lieutenant-General 30 Jlme, 1906; commanded 8th Divi–
sion, Indian Army, 1905-10; retired 3 Oct. 1911. He is Honorary Colonel,
31st Lancers; Commander of the Legion of Honour. He served during
the European War in France from 28 Sept. 1914, as Military Adviser,
Indian Army:.
ADAMS, ALEXANDER PEERS, Surgeon, joined the Indian Medical
ervice, and served in Burma in 18 6-87 He was created a Companion.
of the Distinguished Service Order [London Gazette, 25 Nov. 1887]:
"Alexander Peers Adams,
Indian Medical Service, Madras.
For services in Burma." He died 12 Sept. 1887, in Madras.