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The Distinguished Service Order
Mass was celebrated on 18 Feb. 1915, for the soul of Capt. Gosselin, in the
Roman Catholic Church in Farm Street,.
BECKWITH- SMITH, MERT ON, Second Lieut., was born 11 July,
1890, only son of Beckwith Smith, Esq., of Aberarder, Inverness-shire,
N.B. He entered the Coldstream Guards 1 Aug. 1912. He served in the
European War from 1914; was promoted Lieutenant 18 Dec. 1914; was
Adjutant, Coldstream Guards, 15 March to 20 Aug. 1915; Staff Captain
27 Aug. 1915, to 3 July, 1916; became Captain 23 F.eb. 1916; was Brigade
Major 4 July, 1916, to 26 Aug. 1917; G.S.0.2, 27 Aug. 1917, to 2 April,
1919; he was three times mentioned
Despatches, and created a Com–
panion of the Di,tinguished Service Order [London Gazette, 9 Nov. 1914] :
•• Merton Beckwith-Srnith, Second Lieut., 1st Battn. Coldstream Guards.
On the night of 4 Oct., near Vendresse, with a party of 50 men, he attacked
and carried with the bayonet the advancei German trenches, disabling
20 of the enemy, and displayed great enterprise and coolness in this opera–
tion, in which he was wounded." Capt. Beckwith Smith was Brigade
Major, 2nd Guards Brigade, Forces in Great Britain, 3 April, 1919. He
was Adjutant, Coldstream Guards, March to Sept. 1915; was promoted to
Captain, and served as Brigade Major, 1st Guards Brigade. He was
awarded the Military Cross, and also received the Croix de Guerre. On
14 March, 1918, at St. .Margaret's, Westminster, Capt. Beckwith-Smith
married Honor, only daughter of Mr. John Blundell Leigh, of Stratton
Audley, Bicester. Princess Marie Vmise was present at the wedding.
MARTIN, CYRIL GORDON, Lieut., served in the European War, and
was created a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order [London
Gazette, 9 Nov. 1914]: "Cyri!' Gordon Martin, Lieut., 56th Company,
Royal Engineers. At Le Cateau, on the 26th Aug., he held, with his
section, a post from 'which infantry had been driven, and remained there
under a very heavy fire until the infantry relieved him." His was one of
the first decorations to be gazetted in the Great War, and he subsequently
was awarded the Victoria Cross. (See Victoria Cross Volume.)
Capt., was born 25 May, 1883, at Torquay, Devon, son of Viscount and
Viscountess Lifford, of Court, Crondall, Hants. He was educated at
Eastman's; Bonn; Dulwich and Sand–
hurst, and was commissioned in the 1st
Battn. East Surreys 22 Oct. 1902, and be–
came Lieutenant 18 June, 1904, and Captain
17 May, 1910. He was Acting Adjutant
to the 1st Battn. East Surreys in India,
and Adjutant to the 2nd Battn. in Dublin
in 1914. He served in the European War,
and was twice mentioned in Despatches
from France; was severely wounded at
the Marne River Battle on the , 9th
Sept. 1914, and was created a Companion
of the Distinguished Service Order
[London Gazette, 9 Nov. 1914]: "The
Honourable Archibald Rodney Hewitt,
Capt., 1st Battn., The East Surrey Regt.
For moving out of the trenches at Le
The Hon. A. R. Hewitt.
Cateau, under heavy shell fire, and bring-
ing back men who were dribbling to the
rear." His D.S.O. was one of the first to be gazetted during the present
war, Recovering from his wounds, he was appointed to the 3rd Battn.
East Surrey Regt. 23 Feb. 1915, and was killed at the Second Battle of
Ypres 25 April, 1915, while gallantly leading his company.
The following are extracts of letters referring to the late Capt. The Hon.
A. R. Hewitt, D.S.O., East Surrey Regiment:
Letter from Colonel, 2nd Battn. East Surreys, dated 10 May, 1915:
" He was one that could
be spared; his influence was all for good, and
his cheery and kindly disposition were invaluable on Service, as they were
appreciated by all of us in peace time. His regiment has indeed suffered
a severe loss. I know what they thought of him."
Letter from Colonel of 2nd Battn. East Surreys, dated 2 May, 1915:
•• Like everyone who knew him, I liked that dear good fellow from the
first day I met him, and the liking grew stronger yearly, and was accom–
panied by a very high opinion of his character. He had done most gallant
service all through the war, and showed the highest promise.
is very
sad so valuable a life should be cut short."
Letter from Colonel, 1st Battn. East Surreys, dated 30 April, 1915:
" Your son joined under my command in ' Dublin, and has ever been one
of our best friends in the regiment, and until the day before his death was
commanding my battalion; the Major under whom he was early last
month was loud in his praises of his zeal and dependability. I can honestly
assure you the regiment's loss is very, very
great. Ever bright and cheery, even under
the most adverse circumstances, he was an
asset of the greatest value when troops were
called upon to do their best."
John Cu rteis Bu rnett .
Letter of the Major he was under in
1915, dated 2 April, 1915: "For
your dear son I am not sorry; he lived like
a man, and died like a man, the death we
all hope for. He was the most gallant and
faithful soul I ever knew."
was b:> rn 5 March, 1882, son of the late
Capt. Lindsay Robert Burnett, late of the
Sherwood Foresters, and Agnes Henrietta
Burnett, daughter of the late Rev.
Curteis, of Sevenoaks, Kent. He joined
the Army, as a Second Lieutenant, Un-
attached, 8 Jan. 1901, and joined the 2nd Battn. The Duke of Wellington's
West Riding Regt. in April, 1901. He became Lieutenant 6 April, 1904 ;
was Adjutant, Territorial Force, 15 Aug. 190 , to 31 Oct. 1911; was
promoted Captain 23 Dec. 1909. He served in the European War from
1914, and was created a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order
[London Gazette, 9 Nov. 1914]: "John Curteis Burnett, Capt., 2,ld
Battn. The Duke of Wellington'S (West Riding) Regt. He trained and
commanded the 5th Divisional Cyclist Company, on the remarkable
efficiency, disregard of risk in reconnaissance and vigilance of which the
security of the 5th Division has often entirely depended." His decoration
was gazetted in the first list published for the European War. He was
wounded 11 Nov. 191(. He waS Temporary Major, Army Cyclist Corp ,
17 May, 1915, to 7 :une, 1916, and became Major, West Riding Regt. 8
Jan. 1916, and Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel from Jan. 1917. He
married, in Oct. 1908, Mary Isabelle, daughter of John Haddon, Esq., J.P.,
of Gloucestershire.
born 21 March, 1876, son of Lt.-Col. William
Algernon Kay, 5th Bart. (U.K., 1803),
68th Regt. (retired), and Emily, daughter
of the late Thomas J ames Ireland, of
Ousden Hall, Suffolk. He was educated
at Harrow (The Knoll), and joined the
Army in 1896. He served in Sierra. Leone,
1898-99 (Medal with clasp). He served in
the South African War, 1899-1902 (De–
spatches; Queen's Medal with four clasps,
and King's Medal with two clasps). He
became Captain, 1901; was Adjutant,
Volunteers, 1906-8, and Territorials, 1908-
9. He succeeded his father in 1914, as
6th Baronet. He became Major, 1914,
and served in the European War. He
created a Companion of the Distinguished
William Algernon Kay.
Service Order [London Gazette, 9 Nov.
1914]: "W'illiam Algernon Kay, Major,
2nd Battn. The King's Royal Rifle Corps. He made a personal recon–
naissance of great value on 1 Oct., reaching a point within 100 yards of
the enemy's outposts." This was one of the first D.S.O.'s gazl:ltted during
the European War. He was gi,en the Brevet of Lieutenant-Colonel, and
was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel, 1915, and mentioned in Sir Douglas
Haig's Despatch dated War Office, 15 June, 1916, and on five other occa–
sions, and created a C.M.G. Brigadier-General Sir \YiIliam Kay wa"
killed in action 4 Oct. 1918.
was born 6 Dec. 1888, second son of the
7th Viscount Falmouth and Kathleen,
daughter of the 2nd Lord Penrhyn. He
entered the Army in Dec. 1907. He
served in the European War from 1914 ;
became Captain 30 Oct. 1914; was men–
tioned in Despatches, and was created a
Companion of the Distinguished Service
Order [London Gazette, 9 Nov. 1914]:
•. The Honourable George Edward Bos–
cawen, Lieut. , Royal Field Artillery. For
gallantly fight ing his section of guns in
front of La Bassee on 13 Oct., when all his
detachment except himself were wounded,
and all infantry had fallen back from
where the guns were." The award of his
D.S.O. was published in the first list
The Hon. G. E. Boscawen. gazetted for the European War. He
became Captain 30 Oct. 1914, and was
given the Brevet of J\hjor. Hc died of wounds 27 May, 1918.
HOWARD, GUY ROBERT, Lieut., was born 5 Feb. 1886, son of Colonel
W. Roward. Re joined the
sex Regt., and retired, entering the pecial
Reserve. He served in the European War; was wounded, mentioned
Despatches and created a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order
[London Gazette, 9 Kov. 1914]: "Guy Robert Howard, Lieut., The
Regt. (Special Reserve). While in command of a patrol of the 2nd Battn.
Essex Regt. on the 24th of Sept., to the south of Yregny, made a valuable
reconnaissance through a thick wood, reaching a point 150 yards from the
enemy's trenches." Re joined the Royal Flying Corps, and became Tem–
porary Major.
ARIS, CHARLES JOHN, econd Lieut., was born 1 Feb. 1874, son of
John Aris, of Branksome, College Road, Norwich. He was commissioned
in the 16th Lancers 1 Oct. 1914, and for his sen-ices in the European War
was mentioned in Despatches, and created a Companion of the Distinguished
Service Order [London Gazette, 9 Nov. 1914]: "Charles John Aris, econd
Lieut., 16th (The Queen's) Lancers. For gallantry and determination
when on patrol at Katsberg on the 12th of Oct., in charging and driving off
a German patrol, and although twice wounded, persisted in sending in his
report to his Squadron leader." His decoration was one of the first to be
gazetted for the European War. He was A.D.C., 5th Aug. 1914, to
1915, and Staff Captain from 5 Jan. 1915.
STANLEY-CREEK, ROBERT FORBES, Capt., was born at Chelten–
ham 8 Feb. 1878, son of.Colonel Edward Stanley-Creek, late Royal Welsh
Fusiliers. He was educated at Marlborough (92-93 B.2), and joined the
Royal \-Vest Surrey Regt. 4 Jan. 1899, from the Militia. HE'
Lieutenant, 1 Aug. 1900, and Captain 2 Aug. 1910. Re served in the
European War from 1914
present at Gheluvelt, Pilkem Inn a:ld Battle