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The Distinguished Service Order
outh Walt>s Borderers." He became Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel, and
in 1919 wa awarded the Yictoria Cross (see Victoria Cross Volume).
Hi D.",.O. w<
awarded" for conspicuous ability in the night of
-ov. 1914, during the operations against the German positions at
Tsingtau, and for great gallantry in rescuing several wounded men
whilst exposed to hf'avy fire."
London Gazett(', 271\Iarch, ]915.-" War Office, 27 March, 1915. His
Maje ty the King has been graciously pleased to approve of the ap–
pointment of the following Oflicer to be Companions of the Distingui hed
ernce Order, in recognition of their gallantry and devotion to duty
whil t serving with the Expeditionary Force."
Capt., was born 4 Feb. 1 3,
at Jhelum, India, son of C. P. Bird, Esq.,
retired Indian Civil Service.
He was
educated at Cheltenham College, and ob–
tained his first commis ion in the Royal
Engineers 21 Dec. 1900; was promoted
Lieutenant 21 Dec. 1903. He saw active
enice on the Korth-\\ e t Frontier of
India, 190 , taking part in operations in
the Zakka Khel country; operations in
the 1Iohmand country, engagements at
:\latta and Kargha (:\l edal with clasp) ; was
promoted Captain 21 Dec. 1910. Capt.
Bird served in the European War from
1914 to 191. For his service in France
until Dec. 1915, he was twice mentioned
in Despatches, and was created a Com–
panion of the Distingui hed en·ice Order
[London Gazette, 2j :\larch, 1915]: "Arthur
James Glover Bird, Capt., Royal Engineers
(Xo. 4 Company, 1st King George's Own Sappers and l\liners), Indian
"\rmy. For conspicuous ability, gallantry and great initiative during
the pa t four month. His great energy amI zeal in organizing the
work of barricade construction at all critical points immensely increased
the power for resistance. His very efIedive work was most noticeable
during the t'ritieal periol in the firing lille from 19 to 23 Dec. 1914."
He was sent to
in 1915; wa promoted :\Iajor 2 Xov. 1916 ;
mentione' [ in Despatches; given thc Brevet of Lieutenant-Colonel
1 Jan. 191"l; became acting Lieutenant-Colonel 21
191 .
CARMICHAEL, GEORGE IVAN, (Temporary :\Iajor), was bofU
24 .\ug. 1
He entt>red tbt> Royal .htillery 18 Dt>c. 1908, as a St>cond
Lit>utenant, and wa promoted Lieutenant 1 Dec. 1911; joiMd tht> Royal
Flying Corp 11 :\larch, 1913, and brcame Temporary Captain 1 :\lay, 1914.
Capt. Carmicharl servt>d in the Europt>an War from 1914 to 1918 with the
Royal Flying Corps. Ht> hecame Captain (Hoyal Artillery) 18 Dec. 1914,
an I wa. (Tpated a Companion of tbe Distinguished Servict> Order [London
Gaz('ttt>, 2j :\larch, 1915]: "George han Carmichael, Capt., Royal Ar–
tillf'ry and Royal Flying Corps. For conspicuous gallantry, daring and
ahility throughout the campaign. On 11th instant he destroyed the rails
at :\lenin railway tation by dropping a bomb wt>ighing 100 Ibs. thert>on from
a Iwight of only 100 feet. On the return journey his ('ngine was damaged
by a bullet, which nect>, itated his flying at a height of le than 200 feet.
Capt. Camlichapl has also rt>ll(lpred valuable st>ITict>s in observing artillery
He was Temporary :\Iajor, :\lareh, 1915, to Feb. 1917; Temporary
Lit>utt>nant-Colonel, Feb . 1917, to :\lar('h, 1918; was employed with the
Royal Flying ('orps until 31 :\Iarch, 191. He was employt>d from 1 April,
under the Air :\linistry, and wa promoted :\lajor, Royal Artillery,
20 :\1 ay , 191 ; was awardrd the Air Force Cross in 1919. He married, in
191.>, Kathlt>!'n :\Iary
youngest daughter of \V. Casterton melt,
of Brar·id(', Rn lyn Hill, X.\Y. They have one on.
Lieut., was born at IIorningsham, Wilt–
shin" 16 July, 1 85, son of the Rev. William
:\loore (B..\. Oxon.), Rt>ctor of :\lereworth,
Kent. Ht> was educated at Radley Col1t>ge,
at :\larpschal College, at Aberdet>n Uni–
nrity, and at London Hospital, and is
an :\I.B. and B.Ch. He joined tht> Royal
Corps 9 Aug. 1914, and
accompanied the Briti h Expeditionary
Force to Franc!' on 23 Aug. 1914, leaving
a Base Hospital for the front within a fort–
night. He served as Medical Officer to the
Connaught Ranger, and later to the
2nd Leicester hire Regt. till wounded
and sent back to England. He was men–
tioned in De patches, and created a Com–
panion of th Distingui hed eITice Order
[London Gazette, 27 l\Iarch, 1915]:
Edmund Hugh Moore.
"Edmund IIugh 1100re , l\I.B., Lieut.,
Royal Army Medical Corps. For con-
picuou gallantry on 23 Ft·b. 1915, near Richebourg
Avoue, in going over
with anotllPr oflicer and a str('tcher-bearer to within 150 yards of the em'my
and attending to a 'I'verely wounded oldier. The tretcher-bearer was
t11 n woumled, and Ueut.
remained in attendance on him, un–
doubtedly . aving his life. On the next day thi officer again went with the
gallantry to the as istanct> of a wounded man under the aimed fire
of the enemy. He dre d the man' wound and wa immediately after–
wards wounded him elL" He wa incapacitated for ix months a the re ult
of bis wounds, and after a sbort spell of light duty in England went out to
Gallipoli. Aft('r the evacuation
the Peninsula he was invalided home,
and returned to the Somme Front in Nov. 1916; served till 1917 ;
subsequently became Captain, and in the course of the war was
twice wounded and once ga ed. His chief recreations are music and
Major, first saw active ervice in
the outh African War, 1900-1, and was present in operations in the Orange
Free State, May, 1900, including actions at Vet River (5 and 6 May), and
Zand River; operations in the Transvaal in May and June, 1900, including
actions near Johannesburg, Pretoria and Diamond Hill (11 and 12 June);
operations in the Transvaal, east of Pretoria, including actions at Belfast
26 and 27 Aug.) (Queen's Medal with three clasps). He served with dis–
tinction in the European War, 1914-18; was created a Companion of the
Distinguished Service Order [London Gazette, 27 March, 1915]: "George
Chambers Pollard, Major, 1st (The Newcastle) Northumbrian Field Com–
pany, Royal Engineers. For conspicuous gallantry on the night of the 10th
Feb . 1915, in assisting to carry
everely wounded officer into cover whilst
exposed to continuous heavy fire. l\Iajor Pollard has been exposed almost
daily to heavy rifle and shell fire in attending to his duties, and has
shown a fine example of self-sacrifice and devotion to duty in all
difficulties and dangers." Invested by the King 22 ept . 1916. He
was wounded; five times mentioned in Despatches, and was created a
C.M.G. in 1918.
Lieut., was born Sept. 1 91,
son of Maj.-Gen. ir G. T. Pretyman, K.C.l\LG., C.B. Educated at Wel–
lington College; gazetted to the Somerset L.I. 25 March, 1911; Lieutenant
5 Aug. 1914; Captain 25 l\Iarch, 1917. He became ,Ying Commander
and Lieut.-Col. R.A.F.; mentioned in Despatches ; given the Brevet of
Major 1 Jan. 1918, and the O.B.E. 1919, and created a Companion of the
Di tinguished en'ice Order [London Gazette, 27
19151: "George
Frederick Pretyman, Lieut., T. Capt., omerset Light Infantry and R.F. C.
For great gallantry, ability and initiative on numerous occasions, especially
on the 12th inst. The clouds being low he had to fly very low for a consider–
able period all along the German positions to ascertain their movement,
being exposed the whole time to a very heavy fire. On the 13th inst.
he blew up the centre of a train at Don Station, damaged a building out–
side which a battalion of the enemy were forming up and drove off a
German aeroplane." He married :\laureen, daughter oi Colonel E. . Heard.
London Gazette, 10 April, 1915.-" Admiralty, 10 Ap ril, 1915. The
King has been gmciously pleased to give orJers for the following appoint–
ments to the Distinguished Service Order of the undermentioned Offtcers ,
in recognition of Lheir services as mentioned."
Capt ., served on the Staff, Royal Naval War College,
1911- 12; War Staff Officer, 1912. He served in the European War, 1914-
16, receiving a decoration for rach of three years of service. IIe was creatcd
a Companion of the Distinguished ervice Order [London Gazette, 10 .\pril,
1915] : " \Yilfrid Nunn, Commander (now Capt.), Royal Navy" (for
services during the operations in the Shatt-el-Arab, Dec.
resulting in
the capture of Qurnah). For sernces at Amara he was mentioned in
Despatches, and he received the Naval General Service :Medal, Persian
Gulf clasp, 1914. He subsequently served in l\Iesopotamia, as Commander
of the Tigris Flotilla, and was made a C.M.G. in 1916, and a C.B. in 1917,
for bis work on the Tigris. He was several times mentioned in Despatclw ,
Sir Percy Lake mentioning him as follows: CM.P. 14 Oct. 1916): "Xunn
.. . and other offICers of the Royal Navy have afforded us the able assis–
tance which we have become accustomed to receive from them." He
commanded H.:\L Ships Aurora and Curlew in the Harwich Force, July,
1917, to April, 1919; the C.S.I. was given him in 1919. He has the 1914-
15 Star.
quadron Commander, Royal Naval Air
SNvice, served in the European War, and was created a Companion of the
Distinauished ervice Order [London Gazette, 10 April, 1915]: "Richard
Bell Davies, quadron Commander, Royal Naval Air ervice. For ser–
vices rendered in the aerial attack on Dunkirk." For his later services
Wing Commander R. B. Davies was awarded the Victoria Cross (see Victoria
Cro s
Flight Lieutenant, was
born in 1892, only son of Admiral Sir
Richard Peir e, Naval }lember of the
Central Committee, Board of Invention
and Research (1914-18), and of Blanche,
his wife, daughter of the Rev. E. J . Wemyss
Whi ttaker . He was educated at Monkton
Combe School, and King's College, London.
lIe served in the European War from 1914
to 191 ; was created a Companion of the
Distinguished Service Order [London
Gazette, 10 April,
Edmund Charles Peirse, Flight Lieutenant,
Royal Naval Air Service. He repeatedly
attacked the German submarine station at
Ostend and Zeebrugge, being subjected
on each occa ion to heavy and accurate
fire." He became Lieutenant-Colonel,
E. C.
Hoyal Air Force; was awarded the Air
Force Cross; was appointed Senior Air
Olficer, Atlantic and Rome Fleet. Lieut.-Colonel R. E. C. Peirse married,
in 1915, J oyce, youngest daughter of Armitage Ledgard, of Manor House
Thorner, Yorkshire. They have one daughter.