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The Distinguished Service Order
Metropolitan War Hospital, near Cardiff. He has written monographs on
surgical subjects. Major Smith married Pearl Evangeline, daughter of
N. D. Bradley, and they have two sons.
Capt. (Temporary Major),.
~as bo~n
13 Aug. 1877. He was commIssioned In
the King's Own Scottish Borderers 8 Sept.
1897; promoted Lieutenant 20 April, 1899,
and Capt. 21 Sept. 1904; was
with the Egyptian Army from 23 Apl'll,
1908. He saw active service on the North–
West Frontier of India, 1897-98, with
the Tirah Expeditionary Force (Medal with
two clasps). He served in the European
War; was created a Companion of the
Distinguished Service Order [London
Gazette, 25 Aug. 1915]: "George Butler
toney, Capt. (Temporary Major, Egyptian
Army), 1st Battn. King's Own Scottish
Borderers. For conspicuous gallantry and
ability during operations south-west of
Krithia, Dardanelles, from 4 to 7 June,
George Butler
1915. He showed great coolness and g<?od
leading, holding together in a most praise–
worthy mallner the battalion, which had suffered greatly. He had
previously brought to notice for gallant conduct during the operatIOns
up to May 5th." He was killed in action in Gallipoli on 15 Oct. 1915.
Capt., was born 10 Nov. 1882. He entered
the Royal Artillery 4 Dec. 1901; was promoted Lieutenant 30 June, 1904,
and Captain 30 Oct. 1914. Capt. Thorn was created a Companion of the
Distinguished Service Order for services in the Gallipoli Campaign [London
Gazette, 25 Aug. 1915]: "John Herbert Thorn, Capt., Royal Artillery,
21st Kohat Mountain Battery (Frontier Force), Indian Army. For ex–
ceptionally gallant conduct on 21 June, 1915, near Gaba Tepe, Dardanelles.
He engaged two of the enemy's guns at a range of 450 yards with
10 pr.
which he had concealed in a tunnelled eI!lplace!11ent In
firing-line parapet, and put them out of action. DurIng this duel, which
lasted about an hour, he was knocked down by a high-explosive shell
from other guns. Recovering, he continued to direct the fire of his gun,
and, having won the fight, withdrew it .undamaged and without casualty.
Again, on 26 June, he was in an observation station with another officer
and gunner. Both officers were wounded and the gunner killed by a
shell, but Capt. Thorn remained at duty until the following day,
large piece of metal was removed from his head." He became Ma]or 1
May, 1917; served with the Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force; was
Brigade Major, Royal Artillery, Heavy Artillery, 1st Army Corps, M:E.F.,
16 Jan. to 14 May, 1918; Brigade Major, Royal Artillery, Heavy Artillery,
Army Troops, M.E.F., 15
to 11 Nov. 1918; G.S.O.2, to
Royal Artillery, General Headquarters, M.E.F., 12 Nov. 1918, to 3 Apl'll,
Capt., was born in 1884, only son of
Sir A. H. Downes, Kt., and his first wife, Evelyn, daughter of James Downes
and niece of Sir Oscar Clayton. He was commissioned in the Northumber–
land Fusiliers 4 June, 1904, becoming Lieutenant 1 June, 1907, joining the
Rifle Brigade 24 June, 1908, in which he was promoted Captain 1 Feb. 1913.
Capt. Downes was Assistant Superintendent of Gymnasia, Irish Command,
3 July, 1913, to 4 Aug. 1914. Serving in the European War; 1914-18, he
was employed as Assistant Embarkation Staff Officer, Belfast, 5 Aug. to
8 Dec. 1914; was Temporary Major, Rifle Brigade, Feb. to July, 1915.
He was mentioned in Despatches, and was created a Companion of the
Distinguished Service Order [London Gazette, 25 Aug. 1915]: "Oscar
Clayton Downes, Capt., 1st Battn. The
Own). For conspicuous gallantry and abIlIty when organlZIng and lead-.
ing the assault on the enemy's trenches south of PilkeI.n on 6
He carried out his duties with great bravery and effiCiency untIl he was
wounded." He was G.S.O.3, 2nd Army, British Expeditionary For:e, 31
Oct. 1915, to 8 April, 1916; Brigade Major, 100th
British Expeditionary Force, British Armies in France, 9 Apnl to 22 Dec.
1916; Brigade Major, 10th Training Reserve Brigade, 26 March, 1917, to
10 Jan. 1918; G.S.O.2, 1st Army Corps, British Armies in France, 24
1918. Capt. Downes married Mary, daughter of the late Capt. VIlhers
London Gazette, 6 Sept. 1915.-" War Office, 6 Sept. 1915.
the King has been graciously pleased to approve of
t~e. ap~omtment
the undermentioned Officers to be CompaniOJis of the DlstmgUlshed Service
Order, in recognition of their gallantry and ,devotion to duty in the field."
Major, was born in 1863. He was
educated at the Royal Military College, Canada; joined the Military Forces
served in the European War, and was created a Companion of the Dis–
tinguished Service Order [London Gazette, 6 Sept. 1915]: "James Arthur
Hesketh, Major, Lord trathcona's Horse (Royal CanadiallS). For .con-
picuous gallantry and devotion to duty on 1 Aug. 1915, near Llssmes,
when a magazine in a farm containing much small-arm ammunition and
many bombs and grenades was set on fire by the enemy's shells . One box
of ammunition began to burn, and the cartridges were exploding in a:ll
directions, when Major Hesketh left his dug-out, entered the farm, still
under heavy shell fire, put out the fire, and removed all the ammunition.
The risk was very great, and but for his gallant action the reserve ammuni–
tion would have been destroyed." He was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel,
and was created a C.M.G. .in 1917.
Capt., was born 14 Oct. 1 71. He
joined Roberts's Hor e, and entered the York
Lanc:lSter Regt. 19
1900, becoming Lieutenant 10 Nov. 1901; Captain 17 April, 1999,
and Major 1 Sept. 1915 ; wa'! Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel rommandmg
11th Battn. Northunlberland Fusiliers 27 Oct. 1916, to 16 March, 1917.
He served in the South African War, 1899-190; served with Mowlted
Infantry; took part in the Relief of Kimberley; in the Orange Free tate,
Feb. to May, 1900, including operations at Paardeberg (17 to
Feb) ;
actions at Poplar Grove, Dreifontein, Houtnek (Thoba
~Iountam) ,
River (5 and 6 May) and Zand River; in the Transvaal in
and Jun.e,
1900, including actions near Johannesburg, Pretoria. and
Dla~ond ~111
(11 and 12 June); in the Transvaal, west of Pretol'la, 1900, Includll1g
actions at Elands River (4 to 16 Aug.); in Orange River Colony (Mar to
29 Nov. 1900), including actions at Bethlehem (6 and 7 J oIy). and Wltte–
to 16 July)' acrain in the Transvaal and Orange Rlyer Colony,
Feb. 1901, to 31 May, 1902"'(Queen's Medal with six clasp, and King:s :\ledal
with two clasps). For his services in the European War
was given
Brevet of Major 3 June, 1915, and was created a Compamon of the Dls–
tinguished Service Order [London Gazette, 6 Sept. 1915]: "C!eorgt'
McDonald Pratt, Capt., The York and Lancaster Regt. For COnsPiCUOUS
gallantry during an attack on Hooge on 9 and 10 Aug. 1915: He was
first into the enemy's position, and rendered his Commandll1g Officrr
great assistance in the front-line fighting."
Capt., is the son of Bentley
Martin Beauman. He was educated at Malvern College and Sandhurst,
and entered the 2nd South Staffordshire Regt. 22 Feb. 1908, becoming
Lieutenant 8 Jan. 1909, and Captain 1 March, 1915; was Temporary
Brigadier-General 31 May, 1918,
5 April, 1919. He was Staff Captain
22nd Infantry Brigade, British Expeditionary Force, 22 Sept. 1915, to
5 May, 1916; D.A.A. and Q.M.G., 35th Division, British Armies in
6 May to 22 Sept. 1916; Brigade Commander, 69th Infantry Bngad.e,
British Armies in France, British Force in Italy, 31 May, 1918, to 5 Apnl,
1919. He landed in France with the original Expeditionary Force; was
invalided home in Nov. 1914; rejoined in France in Jan. 1915; served
continuously on active service from that time; was five times
Despatches; received the Italian Silver Medal and the ItalIan. Croce de
Guerra' was given the Brevets of Major 3 June, 1917, and Lleutenant–
Colonel'l Jan . 1919 and was created a Companion of the Distingui hed Ser–
vice Order [London'Gazette, 6 Sept. 1915]: "Archibald
Capt., 1st Battn. The South Staffordshire Regt. For
conspl~uous gallan~,ry
and ability at Festubert on 16 May, 1915, when comma:ndll1g
company of his battalion in the attack. He handled hiS men WIth great
skill, clearing the trenches to his right with his. company
an~ bo~ber~,
after reachin
the line allotted to the battahon, entrenchmg hImself and
held on
heavy artillery fire during the 16th, 17th and 18th May."
He was awarded a Bar to the Distinguished Service Order.
Capt., was born 24 July, 1886.
He entered the Leicestershire Regt . 31 May, 1909; became
18 Sept. 1911, and Captain 18 Dec. 1914. He :was Staff
Infantry Bricrade, B.E.F., 16 Aug. 1915, to 4 April, 1916; Brigade Major,
59th Infantry Brigade, B.E.F., British Armies in France, 5 April, 1916,
to 22 Aug. 1918; waC) given the Brevet of Major 3 June, 1918, and was
created a Companion of the Di'!tinguished Service Order [London
6 Sept. 1915] : " Hugh Barrington Brown, Capt., 1st Ba:ttn: The Leicester–
shire Recrt. For conspicuous gallantry and good service
at Hooge"'between 2 and 5 Aug. 1915, when in charge of a brigade bombIng
party. He got his party up to the trenches by day under shell fire,
remained in them three days during a heavy
bombs were exploded by shell fire, and his party was several times bUl'led
and had to be dug out. He ha'> brought his battalion bombers to a high
state of efficiency."
Capt., son of the Rev. Bennet
Forster late Rector of Sevington, Kent. He was educated at
School 'and entered the R.M.A. 1 Sept. 1903, becoming Lieutenant 1 July,
Captain 1 Sept. 1914. He served in the
War; was
mentioned in Despatches twice; given the Brevet of Major 3 June, 1918,
and was created a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order [London
Gazette, 6 Sept. 1915]: "Alfred Leonard Forster, Capt., Royal. Marine
Artillery. For conspicuous gallantry
During an attack, when two compames of an 1I1fantry regiment were
crossing some open ground, heavy shrapnel fire was. opened on them,
three being killed and ten wounded. Capt. Forster, WIth Corpl. Stone, of
the Royal Marine Artillery, who volunteered, went out under heavy
shrapnel fire, and brought the wounded ini<? .l>helter. Capt. Forster has
on many
'showed the highest qualities of an officer when fear–
les ness and good judgment were essential to success."
married Gladys, only daughter of R. F. Godfrey-Faussett..
Major, was born 1 May, 1879. He was edu–
cated at Eastbourne Collecre and entered the Shropshire Light Infantry 18
Oct. 1899 ; became
22 Jan. 1901 ; was Adjutant, Shropshire Light
Infantry, 1 April, 1905, to 14 Feb. 1908 ; was pr?moted to Capt. 6 March,
1909 and Major 1 Sept. 1915; was Temporary Lieut.-Colonel 29 Oct. 1916,
to 2' June, 1917. He was
Major, 2nd Infantry Brigade, New
Armies, Mediterranean Expeditionary Forc.e.; D.A.A.G. and Q.M.9-.,
16th Army Corps,
ExpeditlOnary Force,
Expeditionary Force, 25 Jan. to 29 Aug. 1916; G.S.O.2, 27th DlvlslOn,
Expeditionary Force, 1 Sept. to 28 Oct. 1916; G.S.O.l, 26th
Division, British Salonika Force, 29 Oct. 1916, to 12 Jan.
G.H.Q., British Salonika Force, 13 Jan. 1918. He sened m the South
African War 1899-1902, and took part in the operations in the Orange
Free State Feb. to May, 1900, including those at Paardeberg (17 to. 26
Feb.); actions at Poplar Grove,
Vet River (5 and 6 May) and Zand River; m the Tran vaall? Ma:y and
1900, including action') near Johann burg and. Pretona; m the
Transvaal, east of Pretoria, July to 29 Nov. 1900;
the Transvaal,