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The Distinguished Service Order
received the thanks of the Government of India; the Medal with clasp;
and was created a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order [London
Gazette, 14 Nov. 1890]: "George John Skinner, Lieut.-Colonel, and
Colonel, Indian Army." Colonel Skinner was placed on the Unemployed
List 16 June, 1908. He married (1) Robina Agnes (who died in 1876),
daughter of Rev. W. Asher, D.D., and (2) Katherine Fox, daughter of the
late Lieut.-Colonel A. Baird. His D.S.O. was awarded" In recognition of
services durinO' the late Chin-Lushai Expedition."
Major, was born 23 Oct. 1849, son of
J ohn Doyle Murphy and Rebecca Rel'd;
educated at Clongowes Wood College,
County Kildare; Trinity College, Dublin,
and Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland.
Took all prizf's there during student course,
and all at Meath Hospital. Took first
place and First Herbert Prize at -etley
on entering Indian Medical Service on
30 March, 1872; served with the Indian
Contingent, Malta and Cyprus 1878;
in the Afghanistan Campaign of 1878-80
(Despatches; Medal and clasp; received
the "Special thanks of the Brigadier–
General Commanding the Cavalry Bri–
gade," when wi th his rr.giment, 19th
Bengal Lancers at the cavalry action of
Pat Kao Shana, for conduct in action
William Reed Murphy.
at great personal risk" [London Gazette,
23 Oct. 1880]) ; Hazara Campaign of 1888
(Despat cht's; I ndian Medal and clasp ) ; Lushai Campaign of 1888-89
(clasp). P.M.O. Lushai ' Column, Chin-Lushai Field Force, 1889-90
(Despatches; Mentioned by the Government of India; clasp) . Created
Companion of the DistinO'uished Service Order [London Gazf'tte, 14 Nov.
l8901: "WiUiam Reed Murphy, Surgeon-Major, Indian Medical Service,
BenO'al. " Chitral Relief Force 1895 (Medal and clasp ). P.M.O. Kurram
Force, 1897 (Despatches' an-l two clasps). P.l\I.O. Kurram ;\lovable
Column, Tirah Field Force, 1897-98 (Despatches and clasp). Is a }1f'mber
of the Royal I nstitu tion of Great Britain. Promoted Surgeon-Major in
1884 and Lieut .-Colonel in 1892. Retired in 1899. His D.S.O. was
awa;ded " In recognition of services during the late Chin-Lushai Expedi–
Capt., was born 21
June, 1851, son of the late Colonel St.
John Thomas Browne, R .A., and grandson
of the late Lieut.-Colonel Arthur Browne,
Lieut.-Governor of Kinsale and Charles
Fort (present as Lieutenant Fireworker of
Artillery when Wolfe was fatally wounded
at the heights of Abraham, 1759); was
educated at 'Wellington College; entered
the 44th Regt. in ] 871 as En ign; Bengal
.., taf'f Corps (now Indian Staff Corps),
1876; served during Afghan War of
1878-79 (Medal). He married, 1882,
Kate Fisher, daughter of the late Rev.
J. S. Budden, and they have one son and
four daughters. He became Captain in
1883; served in Burma War of 1886
(Medal with clasp); with Lushai Expedi-
Arthur G . F . Browne .
tion, 1889 (was mentioned in Despatches;
receivel clasp, and was created a Com–
panion of the Distinguished Service Order, 14 Nov. 1890:
"A~thur Geor~e
Frederic Browne, Capt., Bengal Staff Corps "). He served
the Clun
Hills operations, 1892; wa in command of Tlantlang Column (cla p);
was promoted Major, 1891; served with the Chitral Relief Force, 1895
(.\Iedal ani clasp); with the Tirah Expedition, 1897-98; was present
at the actions of Sampagha, Arhanga and Saransar; operations against
Khani Kheyl Cham-Kannis; operations Bazar Valley, 25 to 30 Dec. 1897,
an 1 ,vith the Khyber Field Force, 189 (DespatcheR; two clasps; Brevet
Colonel): promoted Colonel in 1902, and appointed in 1902 to command
a Second Class District in India; created a C.B., 1903; became Major–
Ganeral, 1904, and commanded Garhwal Brigade, 1904; Colonel, 4th
Gurkha Rifles, 1906; 5th (Mhow) Division, 1907; 3rd (Lahore) Division,
became Lieut.-General 21 larch, 1908; created a ICC.B., 1909
retired 15 Feb. 1909. His D.S.O. was awarded" In recognition of services
during the late Chin-Lushai Expedition."
urgeon, was born 7 ept. 1 61, son of
the late Mo es Rogers, E q., Deputy In–
spector-General of Hospitals, Madras,
and Caroline Rogers. He entered the
Indian Medical Service, and served in the
Burme e War of 1 5-89 (t\vice mentioned
in Despatches), and received the
with two clasps), and with the Chin–
Lushai Expedition, 1890 (Despatches, and
created a Companion of the Distinguished
ervice Order [London Gazette, 14 No\".
1 90] : .• Frederick
Surgeon, Indian Medical ervice." The
Letter and Insignia were handed to Mr.
Roger by lr. Hobert, ecretary and
Regi trar, 3 March, 1 91). He marrjed,
Frede rlck A. Rogers.
1 92, Janet Felicia, daughter of the late
John Churchill, Esq., of Wimbledon . Lieut.-Colonel Rogers retired in
1905, and died 2 Nov. 1912. Hi D.
was awarded" In recognition of
services during the late Chin Lushai Expedition."
Capt., was born at Indore 1 Sf'pt. 1861,
youngest son of the late Colonel
Richmond C. Shakespear, C.B., Bengal
Artillery, and Marion Sophia Thomp on. He wa educated at Wellington
College, and the KM.C., andhurst, and gazetted to the l00th Regt.
22 Jan. 1881; became Adjutant.,
served as Intelligence OJlicer
with the Lushai Expeditionary Force, 1888, and with the Chin-Lushai
Expedition, 1889 (Medal), and created a Companion of the Distinguished
ervice Order [London Gazette, 14 Nov. 1 90]: .. John hake pear, Capt.,
The Prince of Wales's Leinster Regt." He was Assi tant Police Officer,
1890; Superintendent, South Lushai Hills, 1 91-96. He married, in
1892, Charlotte F. B., daughter of Arthur Disney Dunne. He became
Major, 1895; admittp.d to I.S.C., 1896; Assistant Commissioner, Assam
Commission, 1 96; Deputy Commi sioner, 1 97; Police Officer, North
Lushai Hills, 1897 ; First uperintendent, Lushai Hills, 1 98; wa trans–
ferred to Supernumerary List, 1 May, 1900, after ten .years' permanent
civil employment; became Lieut.-Colonel 22 Jan. 1907; became Deputy
Commissioner, A sam, and Political Agent in Manipur in 1905. Lieut.–
Colonel Shakespear has written" The Lushais and thf' Land thpy livf' in "
(Silver Medal of the Society of Arts), 1894, and" The Lushai Kuki Clana,"
1912. Lieut.-Colonel Shakespear says his recreations are outdoor sports
genera lly, but that he is a " duffer" at them all. He commanded the 18th
Battn. Northumberland Fusiliers at the time of the European \Var, and
was created a C.M.G. in 1917. His D..0. was awarded" In recognition of
services during the late Chin-Lushai Expedition."
Lieut., was born 3 Jan . 1861, at Ryde,
Isle of Wight, eldest son of the late Rev. Henry Morris and Eliz.a .Jemima
Broughton). He wa educated at Canterbury, and JOIned the
Royal Irish Regt. 27 Jan. 1883, from the
Yorkshire Artillery Militia; took part in
the Soudan Expedition, 1884-85 (Medal
with clasp, and Bronze Star); served in thf'
Burma Campaign and Expedition again t
the Red Karens, 1 85-87 (Despatches;
Medal wit.h two clasps); was Chief Trans–
port Officer to Chin-Lushai Expedition
(Despatche; clasp; thanked by the
lovernment of India, and created a Com–
panion of the Distinguished Service Order
[London Gazette, 1:4 Nov. 1890]: .. Arthur
Henry Morris, Lieut., The Royal Irish
Hegt. In reco2;nition of ervices dming
the Ch:n-Lushai Expedition." He became
Captain in 1891, commanded two ex–
peditions against tribes in the Northern
A r thur Henry Morris.
'l'erritories of . the
G~ld Coa~t,
(De patches tWIce); \\ e t Afl'lca, 1900:
operations in Ashanti , commanded column which forced its way into
from the north (severely wounded); defence of Kumasi, commanded
and later on commanded the column which cut its way out of Kumasl (Medal
with clasp; Brevet of Lieutenant-Colonel ; Despatches);
pedition again t the Tian is, 1902 (Despatchl's); Chief Comrru LOner,
Northern Territories, Gold Coast, 1 99-1904; created a C.l\1.G., 1904.
Lieut.-Colonel Morris marrieu, in 1902, Dorothy Mary Wilkie, niece and
adopted daughter of Waiter Laverton, of Manchester, and they have one
son, J ohn Henry .\lorris (born 4 Oct. 190). He commanded the Duke of
York' Royal }Iilitary chool, 19l> -13; became Colonel, 23 Nov. 190 ,
anJ rl'tired in .July, 1913. He was Commandant of an internment camp
from 1915. His favourite recreations are hunting and shooting.
Lieut ., was born at Worcester, 23 :March,
1 65, younge t on of the Rev. F. G. Lugard, '\LA., and
Janl' ,
dauO'hter of the Re\". Garton Howard. He passed first in the rrulitary com-
petitive examination from the Militia into
the Line; was farming in Mani toba and
-.W.T. , Canada, 1883-84 ; joined tlw
3rd Worcestershire Regt., 1 5; joined
Northumberland Fusiliers 10 Nov. 18 6;
was transff'l'red to the Bengal Staff Corps
(now Indian Army), 1888 ; servf'd ill
Burmese Expedition, 18 8-89, u .ldel'
Brigadier-General Faunce
clasp); Chin-Lushai Expedition, 1 9-90,
with the 42nd Gurkha Light Infantry
(Despatches; clasp, and crl'atl'd a Com–
panion of the Di tingui heu Service Order
[London Gazf'tte, 14 Nov. 1 90J: •. Ed–
ward James Lugard, Lieut., Bengal taff
Corps "). Extract from Despatch of
Brigadier-General W. P. Symons, dated
Edward James Lugard.
1 lay, 1 90: "I beg to submit tlw
names of the following officers, who havf'
rendered specially valuable services: Lieut. E. J.
di -
tinction in the Chin Expedition_of 1888-89, and has dIsplayed conspicuous
gallantry and intelligence in leading bis men on several occasions during
the operations of thi sea on" [London Gazette, 12 ept. 1 90]. He
served in the Manipur Expedition, 1 91 (slightly wounded; clasp). He
married 1 93, Charlotte Eleanor, elder daughter of the Rev. G. B. Howarcl,
has one son. He served as econd-in-Command "rith the British
Charterland Company's Expedition to Ngamiland, outh
Africa, and in command of the Expedition, 1,,97-99; ser.ved a a p Clal
Service Officer in outh African War, 1 99-1900
Wlth three cla ps).