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The Distinguished Service Order
F .
(D.S.O. LG. 3.6.16); b. 26.5.81; s. of late W. Furniss Potter,
of Arundel Lodge, Ilkley, Yorks; m. 1920, Ann Janet Baird (who died in 1920),
widow of F. G. Unn; 2nd Lt. , R.A., 6.1.00; Lt. 3.4.01; Capt. 5.5.08; :Maj.
30.10.14; Lt.-Col. 1.7.21;
erved S. African War, 1902; Queen's Medal
and four clasps: Europ. War from 1914; wounded; Despatches; Bt. Lt.-Col.
3.6 .17; C.M.G.
(D.S.O. L.G. 26.9.17) (Details, L.G. 9.1.18) (Bar, L.G.
16.9.1S), Major (A /Lt.-Co!.),' N. Lancs. Rgt.; S. African War, 1901- 2;
Queen's Medal, 3 clasps; Europ. War; Despatches; M.C.
POTTER, HERBERT CECIL (Christian name altered to Herbert from
Hubert, L.G. lS.2.18) (D..
L.G. 1.1.17); b. 10.10.75; m. d. of late Rev.
:Moule Griffith; one d.; 2nd Lt., L 'pool R., 29.2.96; Lt. 2.3.99; Capt. 5.12.00 ;
Maj. 1.9.15; Bt. Lt.-Col. 1.1.16; Bt. Col. 3.6.1S; Temv. Co!. Comdr. 17.7.21 ;
served S. African War, 1901-2; Queen's Medal and 3 clasps; Sudan, 1905;
Medal and clasp; 4th Class Osmanieh; Europ. War, 1914.-1S; Despatches;
POTTER, J. (D .S.O . L.G. 27 .7.16); b. 25 .8.94; s. of WiIliam Manuel Potter
·and Mary Potter; educ. at Southborough; at Tunbridge Well s, Kent, and at
ton College, and joined the R.A..M.C. on 4.S.14; commissioned in the 1st
S. Staffs . Rgt., Dec. 1915; served on Western front; Despatches. His D..0.
was awarded for gallantry at Mametz on 1.7.16. He died of wounds on 24.7.16.
POTTER, J. W. (D.S.O. L.G. 8.3.19) (Details, L.G. 4.10.19), Lt. (A /Capt.),
1 /5th Batt., att. 1 /6th Batt ., Notts. and Derby. Rgt., T.F.
POTTER, K. M. (D.S.O. L.G. 25.8.17); b . 25.4.82; 3rd s. of late W. Furniss
Potter and of Mrs. Furniss Potter ; edu c. Marlborough College, and passed into
Woolwich at the end of 1899; 2nd Lt., R.F.A ., 23.7.01; Lt . 23.7.04; Capt.
23.7.14; Major 15.11.15. His D.S.O. wa awarded for gallantry on the nigbt
of 1.6.17, and he was killed in action on S.7.1
POTTER, W. A. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.17) ; s. of late Tom Potter, J.P.; m.
Margaret, d . of J. Forman; two d.; Lt.-Colonel, R.A.S.C., T.F.; served
Europ. War, 1914- 1S.
POTTINGER, ELDRED CHARLES (D.S .O. L.G. 1.1.1S) (Christian name
corrected to Eldred for Edwa rd) ; b. 2S.5.68; commissioned R.A. 23.7.S7; Maj.
10.12.02; retired 4 .3.17; China, 1!100; S. African War, 1902; Queen's Medal,
3 clasps; Europ. War; Despatches .
POTTS, J. (D.S.O. L.G. lS.7.17), T /2nd Lt. (A /Capt.), Durham L.I. His
D .S.O. was awarded for gallantry on 22.4.17, at Hill 70, near Loos.
POUNTNEY, F. S. (D.S.O. L.G. 3.6.18), Capt. (A /Lt.-Co!.), London Rgt.
POUPORE, A. G. (D.S.O. L.G. 4.6.17), Major, Can. Infantry.
POW, J. (D.S .O. L.G.1.1.17), Colonel, N.Z. Rifle Brigade; Organizing Secretary
of the New Zealand Returned Soldiers' Association.
POWELL, A. H. (D.S.O. L.G. 4.6.17), Capt., Aust. A.M.C.
POWELL, A. T. (D.S.O. L .G. 1.1.18), Major, Can. Infy.
POWELL, D. W. (D.S .O. L.G. 2.12 .18); b. S.7 .78; 2nd Lt., North'n Rgt.,
17.2.00; Lt. 11.3.03; Capt. 1.12.08; Major 1.9.15; A /Lt.-Co!. 15.8.17.
POWELL, E. B. (D.S.O . L.G. 1.1.18); b. 11.6.7S; 2nd Lt., Rif. Brig., 18.10.99 ;
Lt. 1.S.00; Capt. 23.1.05; Maj. 15.6.15;
S. African War; Queen's
Medal, 6 clasps; King's Medal, 2 clasps .
POWELL, E. D. (D.S.O. L.G. 3.6.18); s. of the late E. F. Powell (Wyndsor,
Co . Mayo) and Mrs . Powell, of 33, Addison Court Gardens, Kensington ; m.
Gwennie, d. of the late WiIliam Ireland de Courcy Wheeler, President of the
Royal Coll ege of Surgeons, Dublin. He was a Graduate of Trinity College,
Dublin, whcre he qualified as a Civil Engineer. In the first year of the war he
returned from employment in Ceylon to join the Army, and was commissioncd
in the R.E. in May, 1915. During three and a half years of active service his
professional ability and personal bravery were given recognit ion. He was
promoted Captain in 1916; was twice mentioned in Despatches, and received
the Military Cross for his gallantry in action in 1917. In 1918 he was promoted
Major, and awarded the D.S.O. Major Powell was reported" wounded and
missing" on 1.9.18, and was later presumed to have been killed near Bethune
on tbat date.
POWELL, E. E. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.18); b. 3.11.64; Capt., RA.M.C., 31.1.91 ;
Maj. 31.1.03; Lt.-Col. 26.9.16; Bt. Co!. 1.1.19; ret. 3.11.21; Chitral, lS95 ;
Medal, clasp; S. African War, 1900-2; Queen's Medal, 3 clasps; King 's M.edal ,
2 clasps; Europ. War; Despatches .
POWELL, G. (D.S.O. L.G. 16.9.18); s . of T. Powell, of Worksop; 2nd Lt. ,
Notts. and Derby Rgt.
POWELL, H. E. (D.S.O. L.G. 3.6.18), Capt. (T /Major), A.V.C. (now R.A.V.C.).
His D.S.O . was awarded for services in the advance in Palestine wben with tbe
Veterinary Servi'ce in the Egyptian Exp . :I<'orce.
POWELL, H. LL. (D .S.O. L.G. 11.1.19), H.-Co!. , 215th Brig., R .F.A., T .F.
POWELL, JAMES (D.S.O. L.G. 27.6.19), Lt.-Cdr., RN.
RCh. (D.S.O. L.G. 3.6.1 ) (Bar, L.G. 26.7.1 );
b. 30.7.76; s. of J. C. Powell and usan
Prentice); m. Elsie
Kate Barrass; one s.; one d.; educ. Cambridge (priv . .scbool ); Trinity
College, Dublin; Lt., R.A.M.C., 25.4.00; Capt . 25.4.03; Maj. 25.1.12; Lt.–
Col. 26.12.17 ; Bt. Co!. 3.6.19; S. African War, 1900- 2; Queen's Medal, 3 clasps;
King's Medal, 2 clasps; European War, Egypt, France; Despatches three
times; 4th Class Order of Osmanieh; 3rd Class Order of the Nile; M.C.
POWELL, J. E. (D.S.O. L.G. 4.6.17); b. 23.10.75; Lt., R.A .M.C., 31.8.03;
Capt. 2 .2 .07; Maj. 28.2.15; China, 1900; Europ. War; Despatches.
POWELL, P. L. W. (D..0. L.G. 3.6.16); b. 24.4.82; s. of Col. L. L. PowI' ll;
m. Maud
Well s-Dymoke; educ . privately; Sandhurst; 2nd Lt., Unatt.,
8.1.01; U. 10.3.04; Capt . 15.5.11; Maj. 8 .1.16;
served S. African
War, 1901- 2; Queen's Medal, 2 clasps; Europ. War, Aug. 1914-18; De-
spatches; Bt. Lt.-Co!. 3.6.1S; C.B.E.
fT .
(D.S.O. L.G. 14.1.16); b. 16.5.80; s. of Ccmmander R.
Powell, R.N., and Annie Powell
Watson); m. Alice Katharine Beatrix,
d. of G. hedden, J.P.; three s.; one d .; educ. Wellington College; 2nd Lt.,
R.A., 8.9.00; Lt. 8.9.03; Capt. 1.4.12; Maj. 9.4.15; Europ. War, in France,
from Aug. 1914, serving tbrough :\1ons, Marne, the Aisne, Ypres, Fe tubert,
Loos, on the omme, etc.; Despatcbes .
POWELL, RANDOLPH MACHATTIE (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.18); s. of late
H. W. Powell, and g .s. of late
Machattie, M.D., of Bathurst, N.S. Wales;
m. Clam Carew, M.RE., widow of C. J. 'retley, of La Chacra, Ameghino, Buenos
Aires, and Ledge Hi ll , near Farnham, Surrey, and d. of l.t.-Col. Corry-Smith ;
T /Major, R.G.A.; Bt. U.-Co!.; served Europ. War, 1914- 18; Despatches;
Order of Crown of Italy.
POWELL, ROBERT MONTAGU (D. .0. L.G. 1.1.17); b. 19.5. 1; 2nd
Lt., R.A., 6.1.00; Lt. 3.4.01; Capt.6.5.0 ; Maj . 11.6.15; Bt. Lt.-Col. 3.6.18;
S. African War, 1901-2; Queen's Medal , 5 clasps; Europ. War; Despatches.
POWELL, W. B. (D.S.O. L.G. 23.10.19); b. 28.2.86; ent.. Middlese x R. 14.9. 7;
Lt. 10.3.89; Capt . 14.9.98; Major 14.9.05; Lt.-Col. 14.9.18; retired 5.5J:0,
late Gurkha Rifles; served Burop. War, Mesopotamia, 1914- 16; C.l\I,.G.
POWELL, W. H. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.17); b. 1.3.8S ; 2nd Lt., R.A., 22.12.14 ;
Lt. 8.S.16; Actg. Maj.
(see Edwards H.!. Powell-).
POWER, J. J. (D..
L.G. 1.1.1 ), Major, Aust. A.M.C.
POWER, M. S. (D.S.O. L .G. 1.1.17), T /Major, S. African Medical Ccrrs.
POWER, R. E. (D.S.O. L.G. 4.2.18) (Details, L.G. 5.7.18); b. 22.5.74; 2nd
Lt., E. Kent R, 21.10.93; Lt. 17.3.97; Capt. 24.2.00; Capt. 4.8.14; Bt. Maj.
8.6.19; Chitral, lS95; Medal, clasp; N.W. Frontier, 1897-98; clasp; Aden,
1904; S. Nigeria, 1905-6; Europ. War; Despatches.
POWER, T. (D..
L.G. 1.1.1 ), Major, M.L.B.
POWERS, T. E. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.17), Major, Can. Dhi ional ignal Company.
POWLES, C. G. (D.S.O. L.G. 3.6.16 ); b. 1872; m. Jes ie Mary
educ. Wellington College, N.Z.; served S. African War, 1900-1; Qneen 's Medal,
4 clasps; served Europ. War, 1914-18, as Major (T jLt.-Col.), Staff Corps, N.Z.
Imp. Force; C.M.G.
POWNALL, H. R. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.1S); b. 19 .11.87; s. of C. A. W. Pownall ;
m. Lucy Loutit, widow of Capt. J. Gray, 36th Sikhs, and d. of late WiIliam
Henderson and Mrs. Henderson, of Aberdeen; educ. Rugby cl1ool;
Woolwich; 2nd Lt., R.A., 20.12.06; Lt. 20.12.09; Capt. 30.10.14; Major,
R.F.A., 31.3.17; served Europ. War, "A" Battery, R.B.A., from Oct. 1914;
commanded" C" Battery, 91st Brig., R.F.A., from Jan. 1915; Bde. Major,
R.A., 17th Div., from April, 1917; Despatches twice; M.C.
POYNTZ, H. S. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.17) ; b. 17.9.77; s. of late Major W. H.
Poyntz, R.M.L.I., and Ilenrietta Emily Stainton Poyntz; m. Hilda Gwendoline,
d. of A. Tbackeray; one s.; one d.; educ. Eastbourne College; 2nd Lt., Bed–
fords. Rgt., 20.5.99; Lt. 8.4.00; Capt. 13.1.07; Major 1 .5.15 ; Bt. Lt.-Col.
1.1.19; S. African War, 1899-1902; Queen's Medal, 3 clasps; King's Medal,
2 clasps; Europ. War; commanded the 2nd Bat-t. Bedfordshire Regt. from
Nov. 1915, to April, 1917 (returned home sick), and from Dec. 1917, to April, 1918 ;
Despatches twice; Captain of Army Football Team (Association), H07; played
Cricket for Somerset County from 1905-13.
POYSER, K . E. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.17); Barrister-at-Law; served Europ. \\' ar;
Capt., Yorks. L.I.; A/ Lt.-Col., L.N. Lancs. Rgt.; Despatches.
PRAGNELL, T. W. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.17); b.12.1.S3; s. of late G. W. Pragnell ;
m. Ida, d. of Rt. Hon. Sir W.
Goulding, Bart.; one s.: one d.; 2nd Lt.,
Border Rgt., 1900; 2nd Lt., 4th Hussars, 26.3.02; Lt. 1.2.05; Capt. 24 .2.12 ;
Major 9.4.18; Lt.-Co!., 4th Hussars; served operations in N. Nigeria, 1911 ;
Europ. War, 1914-18; Despatches; Bt. Lt.-Col. 3.6.19.
PRANCE, R. C. (D.S.O. L.G. 14.1.16); b. 19.2.S2; 2nd Lt., R.A., 2.5.00 ;
Lt . 3.4.01; Capt . 13.2.10; Maj. 30.10.14; S. African War, 1902; Queen's
Medal, 4 clasps; Europ. War, Franee, Salonika, Egypt; Despatches.
PRATT, A. C. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.17); b. 13.5.74; s. of J. Pratt, D.L.; educ .
Harrow; 2nd Lt., R. Scots.; Capt. 3.11.02; ret. pay 20.8.13; S. African War,
1900-2; Despatcbes; Queen's Medal, 3 clasps; King's Medal, 2 clasps; Europ.
War from 1914; T /Lt.-Col., R. Inniskilling Fusiliers. He died of wounds
PRATT, A. G. (D.S.O. L.G. 14.1.16); b. 3.6.72; s. of late Rev . T. A. C. Pratt,
of West Harling lkctory, Norfolk; educ. Bradfleld College; 2nd Lt., 1st Batt.
Essex R., 26.4.93; Lt. 8.7.97; Capt. 9.10.00; Major 5.5.15;
ret. I ay,
6.5.20' served . African \Yar, 1 99-1902, as Adjt., 1st Batt.; tWice severely
Despatches twice; Queen's
with 6 clasp ,; King's. Medal with
2 clasps; Bt. Maj. 29.11.00; Europ. War, 1914-17; on the Staff and
of 2nd Batt. Essex Rgt.; severely wounded, Oct. 1917; Despatches tWice;
Bt. Lt.-Co!. 1.1.17.
PRATT, A. W. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.2.19), Major, 116tl1 Batt. Can. Inf., 2nd Central
Ontario Rgt.
PRATT, D. H. (D.S.O. L.G. 1 .2.1 ) (Details, L.G. 18.7.1 ); b. 7.10.92; 2nd
Regt ., 20.9.11; Lt. 15.4.14; Capt. 1.10.15; M.C.
PRATT, O. S. (D.S.O. L.G. 3.6.1S), T ,Major, Midd'x Rgt.
PRATT, R . E. B. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.17); b. 5.2.S2; 2nd Lt., R.E., 2.3.00;
Lt. 2.5.03; Capt. 31.10.11; Maj. 2.11.16.
PRECHTEL, A. F. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.17), Lt.-Co!. , KF .A.
PREEDY, F. (D..0. L.G. 1.1.17): b. 17.4.87;
of late F. Preedy; m. Mary
Caroline, d. of late A. . Orlebar; educ. 'The Grange, Crowborough; Dowr
College; R.M.A., Woolwich; 2ud Lt., R.E., 20.12.06; Lt., R.E., 6.1.09; Capt.,
R.E., 30.10.14; served Europ. War, France, from 1914; Despatches six times;
Bt. Major 3.6.16; M.C.
PREESTON, N. P . R. (D.S.O . L.G. 3.6.1S); b. 7.12.S0; 2nd Lt., R.A.,
22.11.99; Lt. 16.2.01; Capt. 1.4.08; Maj. 30.10.14; Bt. U.-Col.
~.6.19; }~t.­
Co!. 6.4.21: S. Afri<'an \Yar, 1 99-1£01; Queen's )fedal, 2 cIa p ; F.urop. "ar;
Despatches .
PRENDERGAST, N. H. (D..0. L.G. 29.11.19); b.7.11. 6; 2nd Lt., l:natt.,
24.1.06; LA., 6.4.07; Lt. 24.4.08; Capt. 24.1.15; Major 24.1.21; seryed
N.W. Frontier of India, 1905; operations in the Mohmalld COlmtry; Medal
with clasp.
PRENTICE, R. E. S. (D.S.O. L.G. 3.6.16); b . 17.2.72; s . of R. R. Prentice;
m. Violet Rosabe lle , d. of Brig.-Gen. J . H. S. Craigie, late H.L.l.; one s.;
d.; educ. Loretto School, Mus elburgh; 2nd Lt., R.L.I., 7.12.92; Lt. 16..9:>;
Capt. 1.8.00; Adjt., 2nd H.],.!., 1901-5 ; Maj. 4.9.12; Lt.-Co!. 4.11.19;
Temp. Brig.-Gcn. 16.7.16; served Indian
Campaign, 1 9:-£8; :\l edal
with clasp; Europ. War, 1914-18;
:Ma]or',2nd Bde., B.E.F., Feb.
April, 1915; Bde. Commander, 18Sth Bngade, H.E.F., July, 1916;
Despatches five times; Bt. ].t.-Co!. 1.1.17; C.B.; C.M.G. He has h .lllg
Edward VII.'s .Coronation Medal; appointed to command 1st Batt. H.L.I.
on 11.11.19.
PRENTIS, W. S. (D..0. L.G. 15.2.19)
L.G. ::0 .7.19); b. 5..70;
2nd Lt., Oxf. L.l., 21.9.89; Lt. 2.5.92; Capt. 21.9.00; )laj. 21.9.07;
21.9.15; Co!. 12.9.19; ret. pay 26.10.21; China, 1900; Medal; Europ." ar ;
Despatches .
PRESC.OTT, A. E. (D.S.O. I,.G. 1.1.18), Lt.-Co!., R.E.; served Europ. War
from 1916; Despatches ; Legion
PRESCOTT-DECIE , C. (D.S.O. L.G. 4.6.17); b. 4.S.65; s . of Col. R. Prescott–
Decie· ; m. Margaret E!izabeth, d. of late )faj or F. H.
'lere, R.E., and
of F. Joyce; educ. Clifton College; R.)LA., \YoolWlch; Lt., R.A.. 29.4. ,);
Capt. 1.4.95; Major 29.6.00; Lt.-Col. 1.4.12; Colonel 1.4.16; Brig.-Gene!al,
ret. pay, 1.4.20; served . African War, Actions of Colenso, Spion Kop, .\ aal
Kranz and Relief of Ladysmith; Queen' s Medal, 2 clasps; commanded ArtJlIeTY
of 1st
ndian Divi ion at Peshawar, 19] 5; operations against :Frontier tritE!',
actions of Shabkadr, Sept. and Oct. 1915; served Europ. \Yar, 1916-17; com–
manded Artillery, ,4th Div., in Frunce; severely wounded.