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The Distinguished Service Order
Prior-Wandesforde, d. of the late Rev. W. F. Prior, of Halifax, Nova Scotia;
educ. at Mourne Grange, Co. Down, Ireland; Rugby School; was in the
Rugby Shooting VIII., 1913, when Rugby won the Rapid Firing at Bisley
and was 2nd for the Ashburton Shield; was in the Rugby VIII. again in
1914; passed the entrance examination into Cambridge, June, 1915, but, instead
of taking up residence, volunteered for active service and joined the Cadet
Corps at St. John's Wood, London, 28.5.16; T /2nd Lieut ., R.F.A., 10.9.16;
was granted a regular commission in June, 1917; Lt. 10.1.19; T /Ca,pt., May,
PRITCHARD, C. G. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.17) ; b. Mussoorie, 10.8.71; s . of late
Lt.-Gen. Sir Gordon Douglas Pritchard, K.C.B., Col.-Commandant, R.E., and
late Agnes Maria, d. of W. H. Cox, J.P.; m. Edith, d. of Rev. J. Ellershaw ;
educ. Temple Grove, East Sheen; Malvern College; R.M.A. , Woolwich; ent.
R.A. 23.11.91; Lt. 23.11.94; Capt. 4.12.99; Major 16.12.11; Lt.-Col. 1.5.17 ;
Col., R.G.A., 31.8.20; trained a new Heavy Battery, and took it to France
10.7.15, and served in France continuously from that date; Temp. Brig.-General,
commanding Corps Heavy Artillery, 3.7.17; Brig.-General, Royal Artillery, in
M.G.R.A.'s Office, G.H.Q., France, April, 1918, to Jan. 1919; G.O.C., It.A.
Corps, Jan. to April, 1919; Brig.-Gen. commanding Corps Heavy Artillery,
April to 2.11.19; Brevet Col. 1.1.18; Despatches twice; C.M.G.; Commander
of the Order of the Crown of Belgium with Palm; Belgian Croix de Guerre;
American Distinguished Service Medal.
PRITCHARD, R. B. (D.S_O. L.G. 16.9.18), T jCapt., North'd Fusiliers; M.C.
He died of wounds 26.4.18.
PRITTIE, HON. H. C. O'C. (D.S.O. L.G. 3.6.16); b. 19.7.77; e. s. of 4th
Baron Dunalley; m. Beatrix Evelyn, d. of J. N. Graham; two s.; educ.
Harrow; Trinity College, Cambridge; 2nd Lt., Rif. Brig., 4.5.01;
4.7.04 ;
Capt. 15.2.11; Maj. 4.5.16; ret. pay 25.7.Hl; S. African War, 1902; Queen's
Medal, 3 clasps; served Europ. War, 1914-16; Despatches.
PROBYN, H. M. (D.S .O. L.G. 17.!U7), 2nd Lt. (T jCapt.), R. War. R., and
PROCKTER, P. W. (D.S.O. IJ.G.1.1.18), Lt. (T IMajor), A.S.C. (nowR.A.S.C.).
PROCTOR, A. H., M.D. (D.S.O. L.G. 26.8.18); b. 21.1.79; Lt., Ind. Med.
Serv., 1.9.04; Capt. 1.9.07; Maj. 1.9.15.
PROCTOR, A. W. BEAUCHAMP- (see Beauchamp-Proctor, A. W.).
PROCTOR, W. H. (D.S .O. L.G. 26.9.16),
T i Lt.;
Capt., L.N. Lancs. Rgt.
He was killed in action 24.4.17.
PROFEIT, C. W., M.B. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.17); b. 23.8.70; educ. Aberdeen
University; M.B.; C.M.; Capt., R.A.M.C., 29.1.98; prev . serv. three years;
Major 29.10.06; Lt.-Col. 1.3.15; Col. 26.12.17; S. African War, 1899-1902;
Queen's Medal, 6 clasps; King 's Medal, 2 clasps; European War; C.M.G.; C.S.I.
PROWER, J. M. (D.S.O. L.G. 14.1.16) (Bar, L.G. 1.1.18); b. Quebec, Canada,
8.3 .85; s. of Lt.-Col. J. E. Prower, R.E., and Adele TMrcse Prower
Rimber) ;
m. (1st), Una Catherine Corse Scott (who died 16.4.15 ), d. of Major John Corse
Scott, 2nd Goorkhas, and Eugenia Scott
Money); two d.; (2ndly), Ella
Sylvia, d. of L. Mundy, of Kensington; educ. Bedales School, Petersfield, Hants ;
joined Donegal It.G.A.
March, 1902, as 2nd I-,ieutenant; 1st Hampshire
Regt., Dec. 1905, as 2nd Licutenant; Lieutenant, June, 1907; resigned com–
mission Dec. 1910; joined 31st British Columbia Horse, Dec. 1911, as Captain;
8th Canadian Battn. on mobilization, Valcortier Camp, 10.8.14, as Captain;
to Western front with 8th Canadian Inf. Batt. 10.2.15; promoted Major 26.5.15 ;
Brigade Major, 2nd Canadian Inf. Bde., 15 .9.15; J,ieut.-Col. and to command
8th Canadian Battn. 3.8.16; Despatchcs five timcs ; mentioned in Notes to Sir
)Iax Aitkin's publication, .. Canada in Flanders."
PROWSE, C. B. (D.S.O. L.G. 3.6.16); b. 23.6.69; 2nd Lt., Som. L.L, 12.10.93 ;
Lt. 27.6.96; Adjt., Som. L.L, 16.11.00 to 15.11.04; Capt. 14.8.01; Major
21.4.14; served S. African War, 1899-1902; Despatches three times; Queen's
Medal, 5 clasps; King's Medal, 2 clasps; Europ. "-ar ; Despatches (L.G.
19.10.14 and 30.11.14); Bt. I.t.-Col. 3.11.14. 'When Temp.Brig.-Gen., 11th 1nL
Brig., he died of wounds 1.7.16.
PROWSE, W. B. (D.S.O. L.G. 4.6.17), Major, Can. Arty.
PRYCE, C. AP R. (D.S.O. L.G. 4.6.17); b. India, 1876; s . of Col. D. D.
Pryce, LA.; m. Ellen .l\lary, widow of Lt. R. F. Morkill , W. Yorks. R., and d.
of late T. L. Wilkinson; educ. Trinity College, G1enalmond; Major, late R .F.A.;
served in B.S.A. Police (Medal, Mashona Rebellion, 1897); Natal Police; Imp .
Light Horse; S. African Constabulary; served S. African War; Quecn's Medal,
2 clasps; King's Medal, 2 clasps; transferred from Can. Artillery to R.F.A.,
1915; European War, France, 1915-June, 1917; wounded; Despatches thrice.
PRYCE, H. E. AP R. (D.S.O. L.G. 4.6.17); b. 30.11.74; m. Alice I-,ouisa,
d. of R. F. H. Pl!ghc; 2nd Lt. 16.1.95; Lt., lnd. Army, 16.4.97; Capt. 16.1.04 ;
Maj . 16.1.13; Bt. Lt.-Col. 3.6.16; Bt. Col. 1.1.19; Col. 19.4.20; Temp. CoJ.–
Comdt. 1.1.21;
Tibet, 1903-4; Medal; European War, 1914-17;
Despatches; C.M.G.
PRYCE-JONES, H. M. (D.S.O. L.G. 4.6.17); b. 1878; s. of late Sir P. Pryce–
Jones and Eleanor, Lady Pryce-Jones (who died in 1914), d. of E. R. Morris;
m . .l\larion Vere, d. of late Lt.-Col. Hon. Lewis Payau-Dawnay; two s . ; educ.
Eton; Trinity College, Cambridge; 2nd U., C. Gds., 9.8.99; Capt. 16.2.09 ;
Major 17.7.15; Lt.-Col. (Res. of Off.), ret . pay, 21.4.20; served in S. Africa,
1899- 1902 (Despatches twice; Queen's Medal, 6 clasps; Ring's Medal, 2 clasps) ;
N. Nigeria, 1904-5; served Europ. War; several Staff appointments; Bt. Lt.–
Col. 1.1.19; M.C.; .l\:LV.O.; Despatches six times.
PRYER, A. A. (D.S.O. L.G. 4.6.17); b. 22.5.91; Lt., A.V.C., 31.7.14; Capt.
3.9.15; Bt. Maj. 3.6.19.
PRYNNE, H. V., F.R.C.S ., I-, .R.C.P. (D.S.O. L .G. 1.1.17); b. 26.11.69; educ.
)Iiddlesex Hospital; Capt. 29.1.97; prf'vious service three years; .l\Jaj. 29.10.05 ;
Lt.-Col. 1.3.15; Col. 26.12.17; retired as A.D.)LS. 26.10.19; China, 1900 ;
Despatches; Medal, clasp; European War; Despatches.
PRYOR, P. HOLLAND- (see Holla.nd-Pr'yor, P.).
PRYOR, T. (D.S.O. L.G. 7.2.18), Lt. (T /.l\lajor), LA., R. of O.
PRYOR, W. M. (D.S.O. L.G. 18.6:17) (Bar, L.G. 3.6.19); b. Nov. 1880; s. of
late M. R. Pryor, D.L., of Weston Park, Herts; m. Ethne Philippa, d. of Sir
N. Moore, Bart., M.D.; thrce s.; educ. Eton; Trinity College, Cambridge ;.
gazetted 5.10.14; Capt., 1st Herts . Rgt .; went to France, Sept. 1916; De–
spatches; Bt. Major; Italian Bronze .l\Iedal.
PUCKLE, B. H. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.17), T (Major, M.G.C.
PUDDICOMBE, T. P., M.B., l\LR.C.S., L.R.C.P., l\LB., B.S., D.P.H. (D.S.O.
L.G. 4.6.17); b. 1877;
of late R. Puddi combe; m. Violet Mabel, d. of M.
Baxter; one s.; educ. Devon Connty School; I\:ing's Colle!l:e, and t. Thoma 's
Hospital, I-,ondon; U.-Col., R.A.M.C. (T.); late O.C., 25th Field Amb.; served
France 5.11.14 to 10.5.19; Despatches; M.C.
PUDSEY, D. (D.S.O. I...G. 1.1.18); b. 21.7.76; s. of late Col. H. F. Pudsey
and Mrs. Pudsey; 2nd Lt., R .A., 12.5 .00; Capt. 12.5.13 ; ret. pay 27.12.13 ;
Maj. 16.11.15; was on the outbreak of the war attached to the late Lord
Ritchener's Staff as Interpreter in China. He at once rejoined the Army, and
was placed in charge of the British Legation Guard at Pekin. A few months
later he carried Despatches to Petrograd, on his way to England. He was put
to train batteries in England, and then proceeded with the R.F.A. to France,
and later to Salonika; Despatches twice.
PUGH, D. C. (D.S.O. L.G. 4.6.17); ret. T.F. 13.12.05; V.D.; Lt.-Col., R.G.A.
PUGH, M. P. (D.S.O. L.G. 16.9.18),
(A /Capt.), R. Berks. Rgt.; M.C.
PULLEN, E. F. (D.S.O. L.G. 16.9.18), lfajor, Can. Rly. Troops.
PULLEYNE, R. I. (D.S.O. L.G. 7.8.18), Lt., R.N.; D.S.C. He was killed in
action on 20.7 .18.
PULLIBLANK, J. B. (D.S.O. L.G. 23.5.17), Eng.-Cdr., R.N., 1.9.17.
PULLING, E. L. (D.S.O. L.G. 5.12.16), Fl. Sub.-Lt., R.N.A.S. He was killed
in action on 2.3.17.
PUMPHREY, A. (D.S.O. I... .G. 4.6.17); s. of T. E. Pnmphrey, J.P. He scrved
in the European War; became TjCapt., April, 1916, and was killed in action
PURDON, W. B., .l\LB., B.Ch., R.U.I., D.P.H. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.17); b.
28.11.81; s. of Jate R. Purdon; m. Dorothy Myrtle, d. of W. Coates; one s. ;
educ. Queen's College, Belfast; Rugby ]'ootball, Ireland and Army; U.,
R.A.M.C., 28.1.07; Capt. 28.7.10; Maj. 28.1.19; served Europ. War, 1914-17;
PURDY, J. S. (D.S.O. L.G. 25.8.17), Lt.-Co1., Aust. A..l\LC. His D.S.O. was
awarded for gallantry at PJoegstraet Works 6-12.6.17.
PUREY-CUST, R. B. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.18); b. 22.4.88; 2nd Lt., R.A.,
18.12.07; Lt. 18.12.10; Capt. 30.10.14; Maj. 26.11.17; !LC.
PURSER, L. M., M.B. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.17); b. at Tobago, W. lndies, 6.10.75;
of William Alien and Cat-herine Anne Purser; m. Hilda Mary lnglis; educ.
Galway Grammar School, and Trinity College, Dublin; Lt., R.A.M.C., 25.4.00;
Capt. 25.4.03; Maj. 25.4.12; Lt.-Col. 26.12.17; S. African War, 1900-2;
Queen's Medal, 3 clasps; Ring's Medal, 2 clasps; Europ. War, Oct. 1914-
Sept. 1916, France; severely wounded; Despatches three times.
PURSER, M. (D.S.O. L.G. 26.11.17) (Details, L.G. 6.4.18), Lt.-Col., Aust. Infy.
PURVES, R. B., l\LB., F.R.C.S. (D.S.O. I-,.G. 6.9.18). He served in the
European War as Major, R.A.M.C., T.F.
PURVIS, E. R . (D.S.O. L.G. 2.4.19) (Details, L.G. 10.12.19), Major, 47th Batt.
Can. Inf., W. Ontario Rgt.
PURVIS, J . H. (D.S.O. L.G. 3.6.16); b. 4.4.66; s. of late John Purvis and of
Mina Pun'is
Berry); m. Agatha, d. of late Lt.-Gen. John Sprot, of Riddell,
Roxburgh; oue s.; one d.; educ. Cheltenham College; Caius College, Cam–
bridge; joined H.L.I. from Fife Artillery Militia 16.5.88; Capt. 7.1.95; Lt.–
Col. 10.7.15; commanded 16th Batt. M.I. in S. Africa, 1901-2; Despatches;
Bt. Major 22.8.02; Queen's Medal, 4 clasps: retircd 19.10.07; rejoined Sept.
1914, and appointed to command 12th Senice Batt. H.L.I., July, 1915; com–
manded the Battalion at the attack on Loos and Hill 70, 25.9.15; De–
spatches. In 1915 !,t.-Col. (then Major), J. H. Purvis won the National Hunt
Steeplechasc at Cheltenham on Martial IV.
PUTTICK, E. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.18), Major, N.Z. Rif. Brigade.
PYE, C. R. A., .l\LB., Ch.B. (gazetted as Pye, John "an der Byl) (D.S.O.
L.G. 11.5.17); b. in N.S. Wales, 1890; educ. Sydney Uniyersity. On outbreak
of war he was Captain of Aust. lnf. and sBrved at Anzac with the Austra–
lian Infantry, and earned the highest praise from the Australian Commander.
Lt.-Col. pye was killed in action, aged 27 years.
PYE, K. W. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.17); b. 12.9.82; 2nd Lt., R.E., 21.12.01; Lt.
1.4.04; Capt. 21.12.12; Maj. 21.12.16; ret. pay 12.2.20.
PYE-SMITH, C. D., M.B.. (D.S.O. L.G. 16.8.17) (Bar, L.G. 17.12.17)
(Details, L.G. 23.4.18); s. of late J. W. Pye-Smith, formerly Mayor of Sheffield.
He joined the Army in 1914; Capt., late R.A.l\LC. (was T ,Lt.-Colonel); Europ.
' ' 'ar; Despatches; M.C.
PYM, REV. T. W., M.A. (D.S.O. L.G. 4.6.17); b. 1885; s. of late Rt. Rev.
W. R . Pym, Bishop of Bombay; m. Dom. Olive, d. of late W. Ivens; educ.
Bedford School; Trinity College, Cambridge; Head of Cambridge House,
Camberwe 11 , from 1919; formerly Chaplain at Trinity College, Cambridge, and
Assistant Chaplain-General to the Third Army in France; served Europ. "ar
from 1914; Despatches three times.
PYMAN, C. K. L. (D.S.O. L.G. 15.10.18) (Bar, L.G. 1.2.19), Major, 5th (att.
12th) Can. Batt. Saskatchewan Rgt. He was killed in action on 10.8.18, and
his brother, Ronald Lee Pyman, Lieut., 1st Middlesex Rgt., was killed in action
in France 3.5.17.
PYMAN, G. L. (D.S.O. L.G. 4.6.17),
T /Capt.,
Yorks. L.I.
PYNE, F. S., B.A. (D.S.O. L.G. 4.6.1
educ. Blundell's School, TiYerton;
Pembroke College, Cambridge; B.A., .l\1ath. Tripos, 1907; University Com–
m13sion, R.F.A. , 18.12.07 ; Lt. 18.12.10; Capt. 30.10.14; Maj. 22.10.17;
scrved Europ. War in France, 1914-17; Mons Medal.
V. (D.S.O. L.G. 15.12.16); b. Dundee, 31.8.95; educ. Grey Institute,
S. Africa.; Watson's College, Edinburgh; lived mostly in S. Africa; came to
England, Feb. 1916, and enlisted in the .l\LM.G.C. (Tanks); joined R.F.C. (now
R.A.F.), Junc, 1916; destroyed Zeppelin off Hartlepool, Durham, 27.11.16,
for which he was awarded the D.S.O.
QUIBELL, A. H. (D.S.O. L.G. 24.1.17); b. 15.3.94; s. of O. Qui
11 , J.P. ;
educ. Magnus Grammar School, Newark, and Leys School, Cambridge; Member
of Nottingham Rugby Team; joined T.];'. 26.10.11, on leaving school at 17
yc::,rs of age; Lt., Elth SherwC'od Foresters, 1.4.14;
/Capt. 1.10.14; made
Permanent 1.1.16; Adjt. 26.4.16-20.1.J 8; served in France 27.2.17-18.4.18.
QUICK, B. (D.S.O. L.G. 3.6.18), Lt.-Col., Aust. A.l\LC.
QUIGLEY, F. G. (D.S.O. L.G. 22.6.18),
R.F.C. (now R.A.F.); .l\LC.
QUILLER-COUCH, B. B. (D.S.O. L.G. 3.6.19), A/Major, R.A.; M.C. He
died 6.2.19.
QUINNE, J. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.10.17), Eng. Lt.-Cdr., R.X.R.
QUIRK, D. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.17); b. 24.3.87;
of Rev. Canon
F. Quirk,
.l\1.A., J.P., and Dora, d. of late Rev. W. H . Parson; m. Ella Gladstone, d. of
latc G. R . Leyland; educ. Pocklingt.on School. E. Yorks; 2nd Lt., 8th (S.)
Batt. York and Lanca ter Rg., 1914 ; Adjt., 1914-16; Major 1.7.16; IL-Col., late
Commanding 8th (S.) Batt. K.O.Y.L.I.; preyiously commanded temporarily 9th
(8.) Batt. York and Lancaster Rgt. 'and 11th (S.) Batt. Notts. and Derby. Rgt.;
Commandant of 23rd Divisional School; went out to France 27.9.15, as
and Adjt., 8th Batt. York and Lanc. R.; commanded 8th K.O.Y.L.I. from
1.3.17; Despatches four times; C.M.G.; Italian Croce di Guerra.
RADCLIFFE, SIR P. P. DE B. (D.S.O. L.G. 3.6.16); b. 9.2.74; s. of late
General Sir W. Pollexfen Radcliffe, R .C.B., and Lady Radcliffe, d. of the late
Hon. P. de Blaquiere; m. Rahmeh Theodora, d. of late Sir J. Swinburne, Bart.,