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The Distinguished Service Order
5.10.16; seconded and att. Third Army H.Q., France, 2.6.17- 9.1.19; Lt.-Col.
2.6.17; trans. to Reserve, Colonel (L.G. 18.7.19); Despatches twice; 1\1ons
Star; C.M.G.; 1\1.C.; Croix de Guerre avec Palme. His D.S.O. was awarded
for gallantry on 1.7.16, south of Hebuterne.
SPARLING, A. W. (D.S.O. L.G. 26.7.17) (1st Bar, L.G. 2.12.18) (2nd Bar,
L.G. 1.2.19), Lt.-Co!., 1st Batt. Can. 1nl., W. Ontario Rgt.
SPARLING, H. C. (D.S.O. L.G. 4.6.17), Lt.-Co!., Can. Inf.
A. A.
H. HANBURY- (see Hanbury-Sparrow, A. A. H .).
R ., F.R.G.S., F.Z.S. (D.S.O. L.G. 15.10.18); b. 10.6.71;
Basil and Julia Sparrow; m. Cecily Mabe!. d. of Major B. C. Garfit and
Widow of Capt.
H. P.
L. Heyworth, N. Staffs. R.; educ. Wellington College;
Sandhurst; 2nd Lt., 7th Dragoon Guards, 12.3.92; Lt. 8.5 .95; Capt. 15.4.99 ;
Major 26.8.03; Lt.-Co!. ' 24.12.14; Co!. 24.12.18; retired 1920; Remount
Dept ., S. Africa, 1899-1901; served S. African War, 1899-1902; Despatches;
Queen's Medal, 3 clasps; King's Medal, 2 clasps; Europ. War, in France, from
13.10.14 to 11 11.1918; 1914 Star; Despatches twice; C.M.G.; late command–
ing 7th (Princess Royal' s) Dragoon Guards.
SPEEDING, J. H. (D.S.O . L.G.1.1.19), Major, R.G.A., att. 283rd Siege Battery.
SPEER, F. S. LITCHFIELD (see Litchfield-Speer, :F. S. ).
SPEIR, K. R. N. (D.S.O. L.G. 3.6.18), T /Lt.-Co!., R.E.
(D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.17); b . 1879; s. of H. G. Spenee, J.P.;
educ. Uppingham; J.P. , N.R. Yorks.; D.L., Co . of Durham; Lt.-Co!., 5th
Batt. Durham L.1., 1910; Colonel; T.D.; served Europ. War, 1914-18;
wounded; Despatches thrice; C.B.
SPENCE, R. (D.S .O. L .G. 15.9.16), Engr.-Cdr., R.N .
SPENCE-COLBY, C. J. H. (gazetted as Spence-Jones, C. J. H.) (D.S.O. L .G.
4.2.18) (DetailS, L.G. 5.7.18); b. 1873; s. of late Very Rev. H. D. M. Spence–
Jones, of Pantglas, Carmarthenshire (assumed by Royal Licence the name of
Spence-Colby, 1920); m. Aline Margaret, d. of J . V. Colby, D.L., J.P., of Ffynone,
Pembrokeshire; late Capt., Rif. Brigade; one s .; one d.; educ. Harrow;
D.L. and J.P., Co. Carmarthen; Lt.-Co!. Commanding Pembrokeshire Yeom.
from 1914; Colonel 1918 ; T.D.; served throughout S. African War of 1899-1902 ;
Adjt., 1st
and afterwards as A.D .C. to Inspector-Gen!., 1\1.1.; Despatches;
Europ. War; commanded Pembrokeshire Yeomanry, also 24th Batt. (l'embroke
and Glam. Yeo . ), Welsh Rgt . ; Despatchcs four times; C.M.G.
SPENCER, C. L. (D.S .O. L.G. 1.1.18), Lt.-Co!., R.E.
SPENCER, F. E. (D.S.O. L.G. 16.9.18); b. 25.7.81; s. of Lt .-Co!. C.
Spencer, late R. Innis. F us ., and Emily, d. of late W. Ball; m . Augusta, d. of
C?!. A. Tracey, late R.A.; one s . ; one d.; educ. Dover College; R.M.A., Wool–
wlch; 2nd Lt., R.A., 2.5.00; Lt. 3.4.01; Capt. 22.11.12; Major 30.12.15 ;
served China Exp. Force, 1900-1 (Medal); Tibet F .F. (advance to Lhasa), 1904
(Medal and clasp); Mekran F .F ., 1911; served with R.F.A.; Europ. War,
1914-18, in France and Belgium (last 15 months A/Lt.-Col., R.F.A.); De–
spatches five times; M.C.
SPENCER, G. E. (D .S.O. L .G. 11.1.19); b . 5.4.89; s. of J. F. and Sarah
Maria Marion Spencer; m.Irene May M.ilnes;
two s.; educ. Leeds Modem School ; Bank
Accountant; joined ranks 2 /5th Buffs (E.
Kent Rgt.); gazetted to K.O. Yorks. L.1.
as 2nd Lt.; Captain; served with them as
SpeCialist Battalion Bombing Officer; Brigade
Lewis Gun Officer; Platoon Commander;
Company Commander; M.C.
(D.S.O. L.G. 2.4.19)
L.G. 10.12.19), T /2nd Lt. (A /Capt.), 17th
Batt. R. Fus.; M.M.
SPENCER, J. A. W. (D.S.O. L.G.11.4.18);
1881; m. E leanor G('orgiana, d. of W.
Peel; one s.; educ. Harrow; R.M.C., Sand–
hurst; Lt.-Col., The Rifle Brigade; seryed
Europ. War from 1914; Despatches; C.)LG.;
Legion of Honour.
SPENCER, N. (D.S.O. L.O. 8.3.19) (Details,
L.G. 4.10.19), Lt.-Co!., 31st Inf. Batt. Alberta
G. E. Spencer.
R., Can. Mil. Forces. He comes from Medi-
cine Hat, and is M.L.A.
SPENCER, R. A. (O.S.O. L.O. 4.0.17); h. 14.12.88; s . of late Lt.-Col. A. C.
Spencer; educ. St. Clare, Walmer; Wellington College; R.M.A., WOCllwich;
lLF.A. 23.7.09; Lt. 23.7.12; Capt. 23.7.15; Major 2.10.18,
R.l!'.A.; comma.nded a battery R.F.A. in France, 1916-10; Despatches twice.
SPENCER-PHILLIPS, J. C., M.A. (D.S.O. L.G. 4.6.17); s . of late J. Spencer–
Phillips and )lary Spencer-Phillip
Borgnis); m. Hermione Rose Lucas,
d. of late Rev. Canon J. Hammond, LA., LL.B.; two
two d.; edur. Win–
chester; New College, Oxford; J.P., Essex; joined T.F., 1911; Captain,
R.A.S.C., T.F.
(D.S.O . L.O. 4.6.17); b. 4.6.81; 2nd Lt., R.A.,
19.12.00; Lt. 19.12.03; Capt. 27.1.13; Major, R.H.A., 22.7.15.
SPENCER-SMITH, M. S. (gazetted as Spencer-Smith,
(D.S.O. L.G.
1.1.19); b. 1881; s . of Rev.
C. Spencer-Smith, of Kingston Virarap:e, DorFet ;
m. Penelope, d. of Rev. A. Delme Radrliffe; two s.; one d.; educ. Eton;
New College, Oxford; Part.ner in
Co., 16 Fisho]lsgate, KC.;
Director, Bank of England; joined Army, Aug. 1914; served in K.R.R.C.,
and. on Staff of Canadian Corps Heavy Artillery; promoted !,t.-Colonel, and
employed as A.A. and Q.)1.G., ){urmansk, 19l8; Despatches; M.C.
SPENDER, W. B. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.19); b. 6.10.76;
st com. 18.6.97; ret.
KG.A. 13.8.13; Major,
of 0., 30.10.14; Bt. Lt.-Col. 3.G.17; retired ,yith
rank of Lt.-CoL, Army; M.C.
H. B.,
RA., LL.B. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.18) (Bar, L.G. 16.9.1 ); b.1.1. 5 ;
of J. A. Spens; m. Margaret EmUy, d. of J. A. Black;
one d.; edur.
Rugby (Scholar and Head of School) ; King's College, Cambridge (Scholar);
B.A.Cantab.; LTJ.B. Glasgow; Lt.-Colonel commanding 5th Bn. Cameronians
Rifles, 'I.'.F.); served
War; wounded in Gallil)oli; commanded
5th Scottish Rifles in France from Aug. 1917.
A. W.
(D.S.O. L .G. 1.1.18), ' T jCapt., Gen. LiRt, late
York. R.,
SPICER, F. F. F. (D..0. L.G. 2 ..j..19) (Details, L.G. 10.12.19); b. 25.4.93;
2nd Lt., 12th Lrs., 10.6.14; Lt. 21.9.15; Capt. 21.1.21.
SPICER, L. D. (D.S.O. L.G. 11.1.19); h. 22.3.03; s. of Rt. Hon. Sir A. Spif'eT,
Bart.; m. Iris, d. of late Wm. Pallett Cox; educ. Rugby chool; Trinity
College, Cambridge; T /Commission in the Army, Sept. 1914; T Capt., July,
1916; .Brig. Major, April, 1918; served Enrop. War; M.C. and Bar.
SPICER-SIMSON, G. B. (D..0. L.G. 31.5.16); b. 15.1.7G, at Hobart,
Tasmania; s. of Frederick John im on and Dora lary im on (formerly
Spicer); m. Amy Elizabeth, d. of Edmund and Phrebe Bayne -Reed, of Yic–
tOria, B.C., Canada; one s.; educ. Ecole Casimir Delavigne, Havre, France;
Brudergemeine Schule, Neuwied, Rhine Province, Germany; StUbbington
H.M.S. Britannia 15.10.90; Midshipman, 1892; Sub-Lieut.,
1896; Lieutenant, 18!) ; Lieut.-Comdr., 1906; Acting Comdr., 1915; Com–
mander, 1915; Acting Captain, 191 ; served China, 1900 (Medal); Director of
Surveys, Gambia, 1910; specially l)rOmoted for BUccess in action with the Ger–
man gunboat Kingani, which was incorporated in H.M. Fleet under the name of
J!'ifi; expression of appreciation of services from the Lords Commissioners of
the Admiralty and High Commissioners of ,. Africa for uccessfully bringing
armed boats to Lake Tanganyika, Jan . 1916, and a like expression of appre–
ciation for the capture of the Kingani. He received also an autograph letter
from the Governor-General of Belgian Congo, thanking him for the great services
which he rendered to the Colony and the Allied cau.'lC; served a ASRistant
Director of Naval Intelligence and Nayal Delegate to the Peace Conference,
Paris; created Commandenr de 1'0rdre de la Couronne, and awarded the Croix
de Guerre by
the King of the Belgians; F.R.G.S; F.R.C.r.
T. (D..
L.G.15.9.16); b. 21.12.85; s. of F. pickernell;
educ. King's School, Canterbury; ent. Navy, 1903; Paymaster Commander;
Rear-Admiral, Commanding 1st Battle Cruiser Squadron, 1913-14 ;
to Vire-Admiral Commanding Battle Cruiser Fleet, 1914- 16; was apl:ointed
Secretary to the Commander-in-Chief, Grand Fleet, when Sir David Beatty
succeeded Sir John Jellicoe in Nov. 1916; received the C.B., April, 1919.
SPILLER, D. W. L. (D.S.O. L.G. 26.7.17) (Bar, L.G. 16.9.18); b. 2.8.77 ;
2nd Lt., R.A., 1.9.97; Lt.
Capt. 10.10.04; Adjt., R.A., 20.4.05 to
28.11.0G; Major 30.10.14; Lt.-Col., R.F .A., 25.3.18; served S. African War,
1899- 1902; Queen's Medal with
clasps; King's !tiedal ",ith 2 clasp ; Europ.
War; Despatches. His D.S.O. was awarded for gallantry on 5-6.G.17, near
SPINKS, C. W. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.17); b. 9.11.7i; s. of J. C. pink, of Victoria,
B.C.; m. Marguerite Stuart, d. of R. H. Coleman, of Toronto; three d.; 2nd
Lt., R.A., 28.3.00; Lt. 3.4.01; Capt. 4.2.09;
30.10.14; Lt.-Col., Roya
Field Art.illery, 20.n.16; Director of Ordnance Services, Egyptian Army;
Nigeria, 1903; Kano-Sokoto Campaign (Despatches; Medal with
clasp); again 1903- 4, operations in the Bassa Province against the Okpotos
(Despatches; clasp); Sudan, 1912, af,!ainst Bier and Annak tribes CMedal with
J~ urop.
War, 1914- 18; Gallipoli and Egypt; served in Hedjar-Arab
Forces, 1916; Despatches; E.E.F., 1918; O.RE. He has the Order of the
Nile, 4th Class.
(D.S.O. L.G. 4.6.17), T /Major, R.E. (late R.M.).
SPONG, C. A. T. (D.S.O. L.G. 3.6.19); b. 1.10.93; 2nd Lt., R.A., 19.12.13 ;
Lt. 9.6.15; Capt., R.G.A., 3.11.17.
SPOONER, A. H. (D.S.O. I,.G. 18.2.15) (Bar, L.G. 26.7.18), Major and Bt.
Lt.-Colonel, Lanc. Fusiliers; C.M.G. (see" The Distinguished Service Order,"
from its institution to 31.12.15, by same publishers).
SPOONER, C. C. (D.S.O. L.G. 25.8.16); b. 2i.11.!H, at Ald('rshot; s. of
Major W. B. Spooner (deceased), A.Y.D., and Mrs.
B. Spooner, of Lockeridge,
Marlborou!!h, WiltR; m. Madoline Wish, d. of W. Holland, D.L., J.P.; one s.;
educ. Felsted School and
2nd Lt., Es. x R., 20.9.11; joined the 2nd
Batt. (Pompadours) at Bordon; Lt. 2.5.12; Capt. 6.5.15; proceeded with
Bn. to France on 30.5.15 During the summer of 1915 the 12th Div. held the
line east of
until relieved on 2G Sept., when it took part in the fighting
at Loos and in particular the attack on the Hohenzollem Redoubt and the
Quarries near Hulluch on 13 Oct.; promoted Temp. Major 16.10.15; s('fved
continuously with .Bn. as Adjutant, being in the line at Giycnchy and east of
Yermellefl in turn during winter 1915-1916; moved to Somme area in June,
1916, and took part in opening stagrs of the Somme Battle at OYillers-La Boi<selle
until inyaJided to Ergland on i.7.16; from 29.9.16 to 20.8.1 was Officer of
of Gentleman Cadets at the R.M.C.; r('joined Expeditionary Force,
France, on 12.9.18; twice mentioned in Despatches.
SPOONER, E. J. (D.".O. L.G. 21.6.19);
Winchester 22.8. i;
of J. D.
Spooner; educ. West Downs, "inchester;
Britannia; ('nt. R.N.;
Midshipman, Jan. 1903; Lt.-Cdr. 30.1.17.
SPOWERS, A. (D.S.O. L.G. 22.12.16); 2nrl Lt., E. Lanc. R. , Et.R.; M.C.
SPRENGER, L. F. (O.S.O. L.G. 26.11.17) (Details, L.G. 6.4.18); b.13.11.92,
at St. Mark's, Cape
S. Africa; R. of Major C. F. Sprenger, Cape Mount ('d
lW\es (killed in action, Siege of Wcpenrr, S. African War, 1899-1902), and Mary
Ellen prenger; "duc. outh African College School, Cape Town; Lord Williams'
School , 'fhame, Oxon ; Sandhurst; joined . African )lilitary Forces, 13.11.13 ;
Major, S. African Infantry, 1.12.14;
SPREULL, A. (D.S.O. L.G. 4.G.17); b. 10 .8.7i; s. of Andrew Spreull,
F.R.C.\".., and Jeanie Harvey Spreull; m.
of J.
Andrew; eip:ht children;
educ. Dundee High School; New Veterinary
College, Edinburgh;
Yeterinary College,
London; Trooprr, Fife and Forfar Yeomanry,
1.6.9i; BE'rwd S. African War; Despatches;
Queen's )1('dal,
rlasps; 2nd Lt., R.A.Y.('.,
T ."F., 18.G.04; Capt., June, 1909; Lt.-Colon('l;
serwd in "France and Belgium, Aug. 1915-
April, 1919; D.A.D. of Yeterinary f'upplie8,
5th Di\'h.ion; A.D.V.S., 8th Corpf!; De–
spatches twice.
1.1.1 ; Brig.-Gen.; C.:'I£.G.
SPRING, F. G. (D.S.O. L.G. 18.7.17);
25.7.7 :
of late Col.
:F. W.)1.
pring, R.A.;
m. Violet )[aud, d. of
C. Turnbull; educ.
131llndcll' s School, Tiwrton; 2nd Lt., Linc. R.,
7.5.98; Lt. 3.1.00; Adjt., Linr. R., 16.11.04
to 15.11.0,; Capt. 5.11.05;
Lt.-Col., Lincolns. RIlt.;
,. African
War, 1900- 2; Queen's )Icdal and 3 cla5p";
King's M.edal and 2 rla sps; Europ. War,
1914- 18; De!lopatches fiye times; Bt. Lt.-Col.
SPRING, T. C. (D.S.O. L.O. 26.11.17) (D('tailfl, L.G. 6.4.18);
6.2.82; 2nd
Lt., Hal1t s R.,
21.9.04; Capt. 24.3.11; Major 8.1.16; seryed S.
African War, 1900- 2; Queen's lIedal with rla'lp: King's
\\ ith 2 clasps;
Aden, 1903; operations in the interior; Enrop. War ; Despatches.
SPR0T, A. W. R. (D.S.O. L.G. 3.6.18); b. 5.1.83; 2nd Lt., A. and . Hi/l:hrs.,
17.7.01; Adjt.., A. and S. Hif,!hrs., 1.4.05 to 31.3.08; Lt. 16.7.07; Capt. 4.9.13;
servetl . African War, 1902; Queen's
3 rla p8; Europ.
War; T Lt.-Col. from Dec. 1916; T Lt.-Col., Tank Corps, from 9.11.17 to
SPRY, C. A. N. HUME- (see Humc-Spry, C. A. N.).
SPRY, W. E. HUME- (see Hume- pry, W. E.).