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The Distinguished Service Order
1902; Queen's Medal, 5 clasp ; Ring's Medal, 2 clasps; employed with
Egyptian Army, 1004-13; 3rd Clil.sS Medjidieh; 3rd Class. Osma!lieh, being
ilitarr '('cretarv to th(' irdar the last year and half of hIs servlCe; Europ.
War; 'Dc'patchc' four time. He wa killed in action 26.9.17.
TEALE, J. W. (D..0. L.G. 31.5.16), Temp. Major, R. Mar.
TEALL, G. H. (D..0. L.G. 1.1.1 ); b. 24.10. 0; m. Josephine, d. of late
Robert C. BurreH, J.P.; two d.; educ. Dulwich COli:, and t. John's College,
4.2.03 ; Lt., Lmc. R., 15.12.06; Capt .
4.7.18; sen'ed Europ. War, 1914- 18; Despatches four times;
TEBBUTT, A. H. (D..0. L.G. 4.6.17), Lt.-Co!.,
1l.R.C..Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond., F.R.G..
..0. L.G.
3.6.1 );
1.11. 0; s. of E. Telchman; m.
Edith Henrietta, d. of late William Harbord;
three s.; educ. Aldenham ; Repton ; Caius Col–
lege, Cambridge; St. Bartholomew's Hospital
(House Physician); joined R.A.M.C. (T.F.),
1911; servcd Europ. War, with Worcestershirc
Yeomanry, 1915, in Egypt and Gallipoli;
wounded on
uvla Bay;
inai Peninsula; present at Battle
of Romani; wounded near Ratia; 1917,
Palestine; battles of Rafa, Gaza 1. and H.,
Beersheba, Rhuweilfe, Sheria (Huj), Balin;
advance on Jerusalem; 1918, Palestine,
Jordan Valley, Es Salt Raid; also 1918, Italy;
present at Battlc of Papadopoli, Piave,
attached to 22nd Bde., 7th Div.; Despatches
thrice; M.C.; Croix de Guerre with Palm;
Croce di Guerra, Italy; 1914-15 tar; Winner
of Heavy-Weight Race, West Rent Hunt Point–
to-Point Steeplechases, 1905 and 1906.
O. Teichman.
9.4.04; Lieut. 1.7.08;
(L.G. 19.10.14); ll.C.
L.G. 1.1.19); b. 12.8.84; 2nd Lt., lIigh. L.
Capt. 27.9.14; Bt. Major 3.6.17; Despatch es
TEMPERLEY, A. (D..0. L.G. 1.1.1;), llajor,
TEMPERLEY, A. C. (D.. .0. L.G. 3.6.16); b. 31.8.i7; m. Madeline, d. of
late Waiter Whitehead, F.R.C.. ; educ. herborne; Queens' College, Cam–
bridge; 2nd Lt., North'd Fus., 23.5.00; Lt. 2.9.01; Capt. 18.12.07; Capt .,
Norfolk It.egt., 20.5.08; Major 1.9.15; Bt. Lt.-Co!. 1.1.18; served S. African
War, 1901-2; Queen's Medal, 5 clasps; Mohmand Exp ., 1908 ; Medal;
Europ. War, 1914- 18; Dc patches eight times; Bt. Lt.-Colonel; C.M.G.
TEMPERLEY, E. (D..0. L.G. 16.9.18), llajor (Lt.-Co!.), Northumberland Fus.
TEMPEST, E. V. (D..0. L.G. 2.4.19) (Details, L.G. 10.12.19), Lt., 1 /6th Batt.
W. Yorks. R., T.F.; (Int. Officer), 146th Inf. Brig.; )1.C.
TEMPEST, R. S. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.17); b. 1876; m. Valerie Arthur, e. d. of
late A. L. Glover; educ. at the Oratory School and Stonyhurst Coli . ; 2nd Lt.,
. Gds., 4.5.98; Lt. 28.3.00; Capt . 12.3.04; Adjt., S. Gds ., 1.7.04 to 30.1.07 ;
Regt. Adjt. 3.2.14 to 4.8.14; Major 28.10.14; Bt . Lt.-Co!. 3.6.16; Lt.-Col.
15.5.19; Bt. Col. 3.6.19; T IBrig.-Gen. 2.9.17 to 12.6.19; S. Africa, 1900-2;
Queen's Medal; King's Medal; Despatches twice; Europ. War, 1914- 18;
wounded; Despatches five times; Croix de Guerre with Palms; C.M.G.
(D..0. L.G. 13.10.16); b. 22.1.91; 2nd s. of Wilfrid F .
Capt., Can. A.)I.C.; C.B.E.
Tempest and his 2nd wife, Florence Helen,
o. d . of Vincent L. O'Rourke; educ. Stony–
hurst College; H.M.S. Worcester; 2nd Lt.,
General List, R.F.C.; served Europ. War,
1914- 17; Despatches; M.C., 1917. His
D ..0. was awarded for destruction of a
Zeppelin at Potters Bar 1.10.16.
TEMPLE, R. D. (D..0. L.G. 1.1.18); b.
27.12.80; s . of Lt.-Co!. Sir R. C. Temple,
Bart.; m. Katherine Marjorie, d. of F. de la
F. Williams; one s . ; entered Army, 1900;
Co!., Wore. Regt.; served S. African War,
1901-2; Queen's Medal , 4 clasps; Europ.
War, 1914-1 ; Despatches.
A. G. (D..0. L.G. 22.2.18); b. 5.4.84; 3rd
s. of 4th Earl Temple of Stowe; educ. Stub–
bington Rouse, and H.M.S. Britannia; ent.
Roy. Navy, 1900; Comdr., R.N.; retired
1911; rejoined 1914; served Europ. War,
Mine-sweeping F lot illa, 1914-19.
TEMPLETON, C. P. (D.S.O. L.G. 4.6.17),
TENISON, W. P. C. (D..
L.G. 1.1.17); b. 25.6.84; e. s. of Co!. William
Tenison; m. Olive Leonora, d. of late C. L. Mackenzie and Baroness Wesselenyi ;
two d.; educ. Marlborough, and R.M.A., Woolwich; 2nd Lt., R.A., 15.7.03;
Lt. 15.7.06; Capt. 30.10.14; Major 26.6.16; served Europ. War, 1914-17 .
(D.S.O. L.G. 3.6.18), Capt . (T/Major), S. Lanc. Regt., att.
Army Cyclists' Corp .
TENNANT, J. E. (D..0. L.G. 3 . .1 ); b. 12.10.90: m. Georgina Helen, d .
of Lt.-Gen. ir George Kirkpatrick; cduc.
College, Osborne, and Dart–
mouth; Midshipman, 190 ; 2nd Lt., co. Gds., 1.2.12; Lt., Sco. Gds., 7.8.12 ;
R.F.C. 12.9.14 to 31.3.18; Capt. co. Gds., 15.9.15; Bt. Major 10.3.17; Lt.–
Col.; served Europ. War, 1914-16; Me opotamia, 1916-18; Despatches five
times; M.C.; Legion of Honour.
(D.S.O. L.G. 2.12 .18), Lt., Scots. Guards, S.R.
TERROTT, C. R. (D..0. L.G. 4.6.17) fEar, L.G. 15.10.1 ); b. 26.8.7 ;
2nd Lt., 6th Dn ., 2.12.99; Lt. 16.10.00; Capt. 17.3.06; Adjt. 11.8.09 to
11; lajor 12..11; Bt. Lt.-Co!, 3.6.19; Lt.-Col. 3.11.21; served . African
War, 1900-2; Queen's )ledal, 4 cIa p ; Ring's Medal, 2 clasps; Europ. War;
TERRY, C. H. M. IMBERT- (see Imbert-Terry, C. H.
TERRY, H . B. IMBERT- (see Imbert-Terry, H . B.).
TETLEY, C. H . (D..0. L.G. 17.12.17) (Details, L.G. 23.4.18); b. 30.1.77; s .
of C. F. TeUey and Alice largaret Tetley
Atkinson); m. Evelyn Gertrude,
d. of Frack Vandeleur; one s.; one d.; educ. Harrow ; Trinity College, Cam–
bridge; 2nd Lt. 11.4.96; Lt. 2.12.96; Capt. 7.12.01; Major 9.9.11; Lt.-Co!.,
W. Yorks. R., 1.6.16; served Europ. War; Despatches three times; 1914-15
tar; T.D. His D..0. was awarded for services on 9.10.17, at Passchendaele.
TETLEY, F. E. (Chri tian name gazett.ed as Frank Eric for Francis Eric)
(D..0. L.G. 4.6.17), Major, Linc. R.
THACKER, H. C. (D.S.O. L.G. 3.6.18); b. 16.9.70; s. of late Maj.-Gen.
Thacker, LA.; educ. Upper Canada COli.; RM. Coli. of Canada; Colonel,
R. Can. Art.; served S. Africa, 1899-1900; Queen's Medal, 3 clasps; Russo–
Jap. War, 1904-5, att. Japanese Army; Jap. Medal; Order of Sacred Treasure,
4th Cia ; Europ. War, 1914-18 ; C.B.; CM.G.
(D.S.O. L .G. 3.6.16); b. 20.12.75; 3rd s. of Sir E. T.
Thackeray, V.C., K.C.B.; m. Adeline, o. d. of late William I. Ritchie, Board
of Education; one s.; one d.; educ. Dulwich; R.M.A., Woolwich; 2nd Lt.,
R.A., 2.11.95; Lt. 2.11 .98; Capt. 16.11.01; Major 9.5 .12; Lt.-Col. 28.8.16;
served S. African Campaign (Queen's Medal with 5 clasps), 1901- 2; France,
With VIHth Division, Nov. 1914, to Sept. 1915, in command of 5th Battery,
45th Brigade, R.F..A.., including Battle of Neuve Chapelle 9 to 13.3.15 (mentioned
in Despatches), and actions near Fromelles 9.5.15 (slightly wounded) and 25.9.15,
near Bois Grenier (severely wounded; Despatches, June, 1916); returned to
duty (home service), Dec. 1916; foreign service, April, 1917; Turkey, 1919- 20.
THACKERAY, E. F. (D.S.O. L.G. 25.11.16); b. 1870; s. of Co!. Sir E. T.
Thackeray, V.C., R.C.B. ; m. Linda, d. of late Baron Von Wutzburg; two d. ;
Lt.-Col., S. African Infantry; served Chitral, 1895; Matabele Rebellion, 1896 ;
S. Africa, 1899- 1902; Europ. War, 1914- 16; C.M.G.; Croix de Guerre with
Palms. His D . .0. was awarded for gaJJantry at DelviJle Wood 18.7.16.
THACKERAY, F. S. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.17); b. 25.2.80; e. s. of late Alexander
Thackeray, J.P.; m. Leila May, e. d. of Oliver WiJliam Warner, J.P.; educ.
Char terhouse; Oriel College, Oxford; 2nd Lt., H.L.I., 4.12.01; Lt. 7.11 .07 ;
Capt . 18.12.12; Major 4.12.16; Europ. War, France, 1914-17; commanded
9th Batt. R. Dublin Fus. from 13.3 .16. He afterwards commanded the 2 /7th
Duke of Wellington's Regiment, 29th Bn . Durham L.1., 2nd Bn. Highland
L.1. and 229th Infantry Brigade; Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel 1.1.19; Despatches
five times; wounded twice; M.C.
THATCHER, G. G. (D.S.O. L.G. 18.1.18) (Details, L.G. 25.4.18); b. 20.10.73;
Major (A/Lt.-CoL), R.G.A., at.t. R.F.A. ; previous full pay seJ'vice 14.10 .93
to 1.2.10; ret. pay 2.2.10; recalled, R. of 0.,5.7.17; 2 years, 314 days; Major,
R.G.A., 16.11.15; A /Lt.-Col. 21.9 .16 to 10.3.18.
THELLUSSON, THE H ON. H. E. (D.S.O. L.G. 14.1.16); b. 7.7.76; s. of
5th Baron Rendlesham; 2nd Lt., R.A., 3.6.99
Lt. 16.2.01; Capt . 9.11.07.;
Major, R.G.A., 30.10.14.
THEOBALD, A. C. L. (D.S.O. L.G. 14.1.16); b. 21.8.77; educ. Harrow;
2nd Lt., R.A., 6.10.00; Lt. 6.10.03; Capt. 26.4.12; Major 21.4.15.
THESIGER, HON. E. R. (D.S.O. L.G. 3.6.19); b. 1874; s. of 2nd Baron
Chelmsford; m. Pearl, d. of J. Coupland; Major (T /Lt.-Col.), Surrey Yeom.,
Commanding 10th Batt. R.W. R ent R.; served S. African War, 1900- 2 ; Queen's
Medal, 3 clasps; Ring's Medal, 2 clasps; Europ. War; Despatches. He Was
formerly a Page of Honour to Queen Victoria.
THEWLES, H. A. (D.S.O. L.G. 4.6.17); b. 20.9.79; 2nd Lt., E. Rent R.,
14.5.04; Lt . 1.3.07; Capt. 9.5.14; Major 15.2.17; Bt. Lt.-Col. 3.6.18.
THICKNESSE, F. W. (D.S.O. L.G. 4.6.17 ); b. 8.5.86; s . of Rev. Prebendary
F .
Thicknesse, Rector of St. George's, Hanover Square; educ. Winchester
College (Scholar); passed 2nd into Woolwich; 2nd Lt., R.A., 20.12.06; Lt.
20.12.09; Capt., R.G.A., 30.10 .14; A /Major, R .G.A. (122nd H.B.); was on
the Staff at Hong-Rong on the outbreak of war, and was thus unable to reach
France till May, 1915. He was twice mentioned in Despatches, and had com–
manded his battery of h eavy guns for about fifteen months. He died of wounds
received while reconnoitring for an O.P. beyond Zonnebeke 19.10.17.
THIN, E. G. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.19), Lt.-Co!., 10th Batt. L'pool R. (T.F.).
THOM, J. G. (D.S.O. L.G. 18.7.17), T /Major (A /Lt.-Co!.), G. Highrs.; M.C.
His D.S.O. was awarded for gallantry near Arras on 11.4.17.
THOMAS, A. E . W. (D.S.O. L.G. 26.9.17) (Details, L.G. 9.1.18); b.21.8.96;
s. of Ernest Thomas; educ. Malvern; Cambridge; 2nd Lt. (T /Capt.), R.W.
Kent R.; served Europ. War from 1915; Despatches; M.C.; four t imes
wounded. His D.S.O. was awarded for gallantry on 17.7.17, near Monchy -le–
THOMAS, A. F. (D.S.O. L.G. 3.6.18); b. 4.11.79 ; 2nd Lt., Manch. R. (from
Imp. Yeom.), 23.4.02; Lt. 17.2.04; Capt. 1.12.14 ; Major, Manch. R ., 20.1.17 ;
R. Corps of Signals 24.11 .20.
THOMAS, G. GWYN- (see Gwyn-Thomas, G.).
THOMAS , A. N . , M.B. (D.S.O. L.G. 4.6.17); b. 7.8.80; Lt., I .M.S ., 27.7.07;
Capt. 27.7.10; Major 27.7.19.
THOMAS, B. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.18), T/Major, Glouc. R.
THOMAS F. S. Wll.LIAMS- (see Williams-'l'homas F. S.).
THOMAS, G. (D.S.O. L .G. 14.11.16); b. 19.7.71; 2nd Lt., Devon. R., 4.3.91 ;
Lt., Devon R., 23.11.94; 1.S.C. 25.5.95; Capt., LA., 10.7.91; Major 4.3.09.
His D.S.O. was awarded for gallantry at Flers on 15.9.16.
THOMAS, G. C. (D.S.O. L.G. 4.6.17), Hon. Major, S.W.B.
THOMAS, G. I. (D.S.O. L.G. 26.9.17) (Details, L.G. 9.1.18 ); b. July, 1893 ;
s. of late John Thomas (Pencerdd Gwalia), Harpist to late Queen Victoria and
late Ring Edward, and Joan Francis, d. of W. Denny; educ. Cheltenham Col–
lege; R .M.A., Woolwich; 2nd Lt., R.A., 30.12.12; Lt. 9.6.15 ; Capt. 20 .12.16;
Adjt., R.A., 20.1.20; Europ. War from 1914; Despatches ; M.C. and Bar.
THOMAS, H. M. (D.S.O. L .G. 1.1.18); b. 26.1.70; 2nd Lt., RA., 15.2.89 ;
Lt. 15.2.92; Capt. 9.10.99; Major 5.4.05; Lt.-Co!. 30.10.14
served S. African
War ; Despatches; Bt. Major 29.11.00; Queen's Medal with 4 clasps; King's
Medal with 2 clasps; served Europ. War; Despatches; Bt. Col. 3.6.18; CM.G.
THOMAS, H. ST. G. (D.S.O. L.G. 4.6.17); b. 23.4.62; 2nd s. of General Sir
F. W. Thomas, K.C.B.; m. 1st, Elsie Harriott (d. 1912); 2nd, Rose, widow of
late H. D. Solomon, of Johannesburg; one d.; educ. Ring's School, Rochester ;
Lt., R. Sussex R., 14.5.84; Capt., 1.S.C., 2.11.86 ; Major 14.5.02; Lt.-Col.
retired 20.2.19; served Egypt, 1884-85; Medal, clasp; Rhedive's
Star ; Burma, 1885; Medal, 3 clasps; Sikkim, Thibet Mission Escort, 1904- 5 ;
Medal, clasp; Europ. War, 1915- 18; in command 9th Batt. North'd Fus.
6.9.14; Despatches twice; 1914-15 Star.
H., M.B. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.18), Capt., R.A.M.C.
THOMAS, L. R. (D.S.O. L.G. 25.8.17 ), T/Major, .A..S.C. (now R ..A..S.C.);
Lt., Unatt . List.
THOMAS, R. H. (D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.19); b. 23.4.77; 2nd Lt., R.E., 21.6.96;
Lt. 21.6.99; Capt. 21.6.05; Major 30.10.14.
(D.S.O. L.G. 1.1.19), T /Major (A /Lt.-Co!.), 6th Batt. Shrops.
THOMAS, W. E. (D..0. L.G. 2.12.18), Lt. (T/Major), E. Yorks. R. H e died
of wounds 4.11.18. M.C.
THOMAS, W. LL. (D.S.O. L.G. 26.5 .19), T/Major, 2nd Batt. Br. W. India R.;
THOMAS-EVELYN, R. (D.S.O. L.G. 15.2.19) (Detail s, L.G. 30.7.19), T/2nd
Lt., att. Manch. R., 12th Batt.; M.C.