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private school, business college,
Newark Technical School, New
York Preparatory School. Con–
n ected with Pennsylvania Railroad
Company for five years as secretary
t o superintendent, also as accountant
in division headquarters; spent four
years as a commercial traveller.
Joined Mission July 10, 1916,
supervising mat er ial checkers.-12o,
Broadway, New York.
BLOMFIELD, Lieut. Col. Richard
Graham, D.S.O.; born London,
England, Dec. 7, 1890; educated
Barker College and Sydney Univer–
sity, New South Wales; joined Mid–
dlesex Yeomanry Sept. 1914; trans–
ferred to Fifth Dragoon Guards and
then to the Royal Flying Corps.
Joined Mission July 12th, 1918; Signal
Corps, U. S. Army, to deal with
organization and assist in the flying
training of all officers and mechanics.
- British Aviation Mission, 14th St.,
and Park Road , N.W. , Washington,
D. C., U.S.A., and 28, Kensington
Court Gardens, London, S. W. [Now
in France.]
BONNAR, Capt. Cedric La.w; born
Edinburgh, Scotland, April 23, 1879;
educated Edinburgh Institution.
Studied art in Paris, took up interior
decoration in Scotland, until leaving
for Vancouver, Canada, 1908, for
railway and other construction work,
joining the C.E.F. June 19, 1916;
proceeded over&eas to England as
paymaster 231st Battalion, C.E.F.
Canada in June, 1917,
for duty with the C.D.F. Joined
British Recruiting Mission Sept.
I ,
1917.-872, Cumberland Crescent,
North Vancouver , B. C.
BONNER, Capt. William Edward;
born Port Huron, Mich. , Oct. 24,
1878; educat ed University of Wis–
consin. Spanish-American War, 33rd
Michigan volunteers. On discharge
Winnipeg, Manitoba, real
estate and farming; volunteered for
Overseas Service May, 1915, re–
jected as physically unfit; re-en–
listed Feb., 1917, rejected as medical–
ly unfit; holds militia commission
looth Winnipeg Grenadiers; ap–
pointed to the Mission as officer
charge Duluth Sub-Depot, July
1917; independent station estab-
lished Sept. 13, 1917, made officer
commanding. - Winnipeg, Mani–
toba, Canada, and
Fourth Ave–
nue, West, Duluth, Minn.
BOOR, Capt. Arthur ; A.I.D.; born
London, England, Nov. 17, 1882;
educated private school. General
engineering and shop practice. Held
positions in automobile industry
demonstrating and instructing in
handling of motor cars. Also works
manager , London branch , of The
White Company. Joined the Aero–
nautical Inspection Department in
Sept., 1914, and took charge
of the inspection of practically the
first Government contract for aero
engines. Inspector for the Midland
District of England until same had
be divided on account of its size.
Was also made responsible for inter–
changeability of screw threads for the
whole of the A.I.D. Joined Staff
of D.
M. , Canada, April 28, 1917,
for inspection of Sunbeam engines
and as technical adviser for engines.
- 165, Broadway, New York.
BORER, Harold P . ; born Brooklyn,
N. Y ., Oct . 4, 1892; educated
P ublic School, N.Y., Commercial
High School, Pulcifer Institute,
joined Cunard Line, March 1910,
saloon passenger and tourist depart–
ments and assistant to passage super–
intendent. Joined Mission Dec. 6,
1917, as assistant to embarkation
officer; appointed assistant director
of embarkation June, 1918.-427,
45th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
BOULTON, Lieut. Harold Boulton;
born London, England, Dec. 10,
1892; educated Stonyhurst, Lanca–
shire, England; American Creosoting
Co. 1913-1915 and from 19 16 to 1917;
acting superintendent 1916-1917;
June 1917-1918 asst. to asst. sec.
and t reas. of Barrett Co., 17 Battery
Place, N. Y. Joined Mission May
1918, Asst. Cable Dept., Ministry of
Shipping.-165 Broadway, B.M. of
S., and Copped Hall, Totteridge,
H erts.
BOWES ,Lieut.-Col. Henry Gething,
A.V.C.; born Langley Mill, Derby–
shire, April 9, 1872; educated New
Veterinary College, Edinburgh; F.R.
C.V.S. Examiner to the Royal Col–
lege of Veterinary Surgeons; lecturer