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the special job of training merchantmen to use A.-A. guns, and
volunteered himself to man his guns on the historic Malta convoy.
But his ship went down in the Mediterranean and he was lost at sea on
12 August 1942. Always really keen and very much alive, his example
was an inspiration to many, and the College is proud and grateful
parents founded an Alex Crookshank Scholarship to per–
petuate the memory of a gallant and high-hearted Old Eastbournian.
PHILIP SYDNEY CROSBIE-HILL, son and brother of O.E.s-his father
was in School House from 1891 to 1896-came to the College from
Chelmsford Hall, Eastbourne. He entered School House in January
1931, just before his elder brother left it, and left in December 1934.
He was tea-planting in Assam when war broke out, and immediately
applied for service in the Indian Army. He was undergoing training
as a cadet in the Royal Bombay Sappers and Miners when he was
killed in a motor accident at Poona in April 1941.
CRUICKSHANK, son of Mrs. A. M. Cruickshank of Aber–
deen, entered School House in May 1933. When he left in March 1937,
after a school career in which he had made many friends and no
enemies, he was a House Prefect and a member of the Mathematical
Vlth. After the outbreak of war he qualified as pilot in the Fleet Air
Arm, and his gallantry brought him a mention in despatches. In the
rank of Sub-Lieutenant he was killed in action in August 1942, aged 23.
ROBERT MICHAEL CUNDY was one of twin brothers who in January
1931 entered Blackwater House, where a slightly older brother had
preceded them. The twins were so much alike that, up to the day of
their leaving in December 1933, only those most closely associated
with them could tell them apart. Michael Cundy was commissioned
in a Territorial battalion of the Middlesex Regt. in 1937, but soon
after war broke out he volunteered for aircrew. He attained the rank
of Flying Officer, and as pilot of a Blenheim he was reported missing
from a night operation in May 1942. His body was afterwards found
and is buried at Boulogne.