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For this Roll of Honour the Committee of the War Memorial Fund accepts respon–
sibility, and thanks all those-parents, masters and friends-who have sent their recollections
and helped in other ways.
Day, August 15th, 1945, has been taken as the close of the
war, but Part
contains the names of those who fell after that date, and whose death on
active service may be righdy regarded as a direct consequence of hostilities. Although there
has been unavoidable inequality of treatment, we believe that a certain spirit emanates from
the whole which is typical ofeach one-typical of the Wellingtonian of the past, the present,
and we hope the future. This war, unlike the Great War, brought with it no sudden
display of excitement and patriotic zeal; its approach had been long foreseen.
Perhaps it was this feeling of the inevitable which was responsible for a
greater forbearance in the attitude of boys to each other in the y_ears immediately
preceding the war-and it was this generation which suffered most. In this brief
period of spring before the autumn storms, the tree blossomed with the promise
of abundant harvest.
Games, though still holding pride of place, ceased to
be the only passport to success. Scholarship, music, art, literature and drama, claimed
and secured recognition and a devoted following Yet in all this there was a feeling of
frustration and unreality. Boys talked little of their future, and we hesitated to speak of it
to them. They knew, and we knew, the road along which destiny pointed the way. They
were neither boastful nor morbid. They turned the gifts they had acquired to the stem uses
of war and went forth, without any heroics, to play their part in securing the freedom of
mankind. Their lives in epitome are a record of men and boys, confident
confident in their cause. They did not live to see the triumph,
but-while the rivers shall
run to ocean, while the shadows shall move in the mountain valleys, while the sky shall feed the
stars, always shall their honour, and their name, and their glory abide.
E. G.
Chairman, War Memorial Fund.
March, 1948