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several dug-outs. Bloy, in command of the 2nd/5th's party, died
of wounds in German hands; he was last seen running along the
enemy parapet giving orders and using the butt of a rifle on several
Germans who were standing on it . When the time came to withdraw
Private Hutchinson held the enemy at bay until the last of his men
was clear of the German trenches and all wounded had been carried
back, although exposed to fierce rifle and machine-gun fire at close
quarters. For his conspicuous gallantry, Private Hutchinson was
awarded the Victoria Cross, the first to be gained by a war-time
battalion of the Regiment or any second-line Territorial unit. When
the retirement began, Captain Hutchinson crawled back to the
British wire, collected some of the wounded in a shell hole and then
cut a path for them through the wire under heavy fire. For his
conspicuous gallantry he was awarded the Military Cross. Other
decorations awarded for the raid were the Distinguished Conduct
Medal to Serjeant S. Russ for crossing the open several times under
fire and bringing in a number of wounded, including Captain
Hutchinson; and the Military Medal to Private
W. Bennett for
inflicting loss on the enemy and btinging back wounded. The
casualties were 2 officers and 5 other ranks killed,
officer and
other ranks missing and I9 other ranks wounded. The operation had,
however, not been a failure, as the party was able to report that
several Germans had been sitting dead on the fire step and in dug–
outs, and that a machine
manned by an officer had been put
out of action. General Jeudwine was certainly pleased and issued a
most complimentary order.