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no alternative but to fall back. The right of the line, however, was
able to cling to a position about three hundred and fifty yards short
of its objective, which it consolidated. Captain A. B. Sackett
displayed great gallantry and refused to leave the line, although
he was wounded in three places. A further counter-attack at
p .m. was broken up by artillery fire.
The rst/7th and 1st/8th Battalions were not called upon to take
part in the fighting, but both suffered casualties, particularly a
carrying party of the former which accompanied the 1st/5th.
The net result of the day's fighting had been the gain of a
shallow wedge of ground, one hundred and fifty yards in depth on
the right and tapering down till it joined the original line in the
centre. The casualties had been very heavy. The 1st/5th lost 7
officers and nearly 500 men and the 1st/6th one and a half complete
companies in addition to heavy casualties in the rest of the battalion.
The decorations awarded included :-
Military Cross
Captain A. B. Sackett, 1st/5th.
Captain W. M. Tickler , 1st/5th.
Second-Lieut enant
E . Candy, 1st/6th .
Distinguished Conduct 1'Vledal
Serjeant H. Finney, 1st/8th.
Jl[ilitary Medal
Serjeant G. \Yard, 1st/6th.
Corporal S. W. Tomney, 1st/5th.
~1C:\Iurdo ,
1st 5th.
Lance-Corporal W. Squires, 1st/5th.
Lance-Corporal E. Taylor, 1st 6th.
Private A. Benedicty, 1st/7th.
Private E. Cottam, 1st/5th.
Dolan, Ist .'5th.
Private T. Feerick, 1st/5th.
Private H. Hall, 1st /5th.
E. Holt, 1st/5th .
Private R. Mitchell, 1st /6th.
Privat e
j .
Schoficld, 1st/6th .
Private W. Wallace, 1st /5th.
W. Wilde, 1st/7th.
2nd/ 5th Battalion
The third phase of the Third Battle of Ypres opened on 20th
September, 1917, and achieved rather more success than the attack
of 16th August. The 55th Division was once more set the task of
capturing the "Green Line," to the east of St. Julien, which it had
taken but had been unable to hold on 31st July. vv'hile it had been out
of the line, making good its losses and training its reinforcements,
two other divisions had tried in vain to advance from the "Black
Line" which had been the final limit of its gains on that day. And
although slight progress had been made at certain points, the line
from which the division was to start its attack on 20th September
was that which it had handed over six weeks earlier.
2ND/5 TH
The 2nd/5th Battalion (Lieutenant-Colonel G. S. Brighten) had
turned that period to good use and entrained for Ypres on 14th
September in excellent spirits. Its destination was a bivouac camp,
at which it detrained, close to Goldfish Chateau, slightly over a mile