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Private E. Lord, of the Ist/5th, who throughout this period did
magnificent work as company signaller and linesman. He constantly
mended the wires under heavy fire and so enabled touch to be kept
between his company and battalion headquarters. But somehow
he found time at one stage to take command of a section when the
right flank of his company was completely enveloped and directed
its fire with deadly effect, to which he contributed many well-aimed
rounds with his own rifle.
The decorations awarded for the fighting between 5th and 8th
April, and in some cases also for the action of 25th-28th March,
included :-
Distinguished Service Order
Captain G. W. Sutton, 1st/8th.
Military Cross
Captain F. H. Mainprice, 1st/7th.
Lieutenant A. C. Gibbons, 1st/8th.
Lieutenant H. B. !vers, 1st/8th.
Captain F. S. Bedale, R.A.M.C., attached
Distinguished Conduct Medal
Regimental Serjeant-Major A. E. Waller, Lance-Serjeant T. Leeming, 1st/5th .
Private E. Lord, 1st/5th.
Military Medal
Company Quartermaster-Serjeant T . E. Serjeant W. H. Davenport. IStl7th.
Acton, 1st/5th.
Kirkby, 1st/5th.
Corporal W. Davies. 1st/8th.
Corporal C. Howarth, 1st/5th.
Corporal W. Monks, 1st/7th.
Corporal F. Williams, 1st/7th.
Heywood , 1st/5th.
Private T. F. Hopwood, 1st/5th.
Private W. H. Ogden, 1st/5th.
Private T. Powell, 1st/5th.
Pri\'ate H. W. Taylor, 1st/5th.