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machine-gun fire coming from the flanks and some bombs from
a trench mortar. Nevertheless, four of the five parties forced an
entrance into the enemy's positions, much fighting taking place with
the garrisons. Forster's party in particular had a hard struggle; for
a machine gun was brought into action in the post which was its
objective, and he had to rush it with revolver and rifle fire, the team
of six Germans being killed. The gun was captured and brought
back. At another post, Corporal F. Crossley led his section against
a machine
killing three of the garrison himself, seizing and
carrying back the gun. A number of casualties were inflicted on the
enemy and two men were taken prisoner. All the machine guns were
put out of action. The raiders' casualties were I man killed,
officers and 37 other ranks wounded, and I7 men missing believed
killed. The Divisional Commander, Major-General H. S. Jeudwine,
in a note of congratUlation to Lieutenant-Colonel Brighten, wrote:
"Your fellows showed a fine spirit last night and must have fought
like demons." The honours awarded were :-
Military Cross
Second-Lieutenant W. Forster.
Distinguished Conduct Medal
Corporal F. Crossley.
Serjeant M. Fahy.
Corporal F. Sante.
Military Medal
Serjeant J. Grimshaw.
Private T. W. E . Jones.
16TH BN.
During the same night"A" Company of the I6th Battalion (Major
E. W. P. Uniacke, D.S.O., King Edward's Horse, in temporary
command) raided the German lines in the Cojeul valley opposite
Boyelles. Captain F. F. Waugh was in command and his company
was organized into four parties under Lieutenant N. Piper and
Second-Lieutenants D. G. Bums,
Ellis and P. Forman. Near
a sugar factory Bums met with a party of Germans who, after
throwing bombs, retired when fired on. Ellis saw the same party,
which again threw bombs and hurried away. The raiders thorougbly
searched the area, but saw no further signs of the enemy, returning
at the time planned with the loss of two men killed and seven
Under cover of a mixed barrage of various calibres and types of
weapons, "B," "C" and riD" Companies of the r6th Battalion
W. P. Uniacke, D.S.O., in temporary command) raided
the village of Boyelles on the night of 2nd/3rd July. For the last
time, Captain F. F. Waugh was in command of the operation. No.
r party under Second-Lieutenant N. Gardner at first advanced
without opposition but came under machine-gun fire and, after
killing a German near the cemetery, withdrew without being able to
enter the enemy's lines. No.
party under Second-Lieutenant T. M.