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was thought nevertheless that casualties had been inflicted on the
enemy. Two members of the platoon were wounded and a third
missing, though efforts were made later the same night to find him.
Serjeant]. Davidson and Private W. H. Notridge were awarded the
Military Medal for their gallantry during this affair.
A daylight raiding party of eighteen N.C.Os. and men of the
1st/7th Battalion (Major A. Hodge, D.S.O., M.C., 1st/7th Manchester
1ST/ 7TH
Regiment, temporarily in command) under Lieutenant J.
Garbutt entered the German lines south-east of Colincamps on 17th
July and captured a prisoner. The officer received the Military
Cross and Serjeant G. Marsh, Corporal F. Lewis and Privates
Marshall and
Rylands the Military Medal.
On the morning of 22nd July,
Company of the same battalion
1ST/7 TH
tried to capture a trench known as "Watling Street." The attack
was not successful, but Private G. Heardley, M.M., gave further
proofs of his courage. When the leader of his section was severely
wounded, he carried him under point-blank machine-gun fire to a
place of safety and then returned, took command of the section and
fought the enemy under heavy fire and bombing. Company Serjeant-
Major J. Lindon earned a Distinguished Conduct Medal partly for
good work on this occasion in reorganizing parties under heavy
shell fire. The company lost 2 officers killed and 1 officer and 34
other ranks wounded.
Private Heardley distinguished himself again on 24th July when,
during a daylight raid, although wounded before leaving his trench,
he led a section forward with admirable courage and endurance,
attacking a party of forty of the enemy
their trenches and killing
about a dozen of them. The raiders' casualties were seven men
wounded. For his gallantry on this occasion and on the 22nd,
Private G. Heardley, M.M., was awarded the Distinguished Conduct
The Ist/5th attempted on 22nd July to advance their line
1ST/ 5TH
near La Signy Farm, 2,500 yards east of Colincamps. They were
unsuccessful, as was a further attempt early the following day.
But at 5.30 p.m. on 23rd a party of
Company under Company
Serjeant-Major W. Rushton captured an enemy post. This gain
was consolidated during the night of 23rdj24th though not without
interference by snipers. Rushton crawled forward, located three
of them and killed them. But the work was again interrupted by
rifle grenades and trench mortar fire; whereupon he crept out to a
flank and, by showing himself and ostentatiously digging and throw-
ing up earth, induced the Germans to believe that the consolidation
reality takj,ng place where he was. His ruse was entirely
successful in drawing the enemy fire off the post and so enabling the
real work to go on undisturbed. He was awarded the Distinguished
Conduct Medal for his clever work.
Another daring and successful exploit was carried out on 26th
July by Second-Lieutenant C. Dunlevy of the 2nd Battalion, who,
2ND BN .
knowing that prisoners were urgently required for identification,