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division reported that some men of the battalion were in the farm,
and it transpired that Malpass, who (it
be remembered) was
commanding the liaison platoon between the formations, had
occupied the building. By 12 noon the final objective had been
reached and contact established on both flanks. The decorations
awarded for this advance were :-
Bar to Military Cross
Captain A . D . Macdonald, M.C.
Military Cross
Second-Lieutenant C. C. Bracewell.
Military Medal
Corporal A. Hart.
S. Logan.
Private W. Whitwam.
Similar probing of the German outpost line had been successful
10TH BN.
elsewhere. The lOth Battalion (Lieutenant-Colonel
E . Cotton)
made progress in Aveluy Wood on 2nd and 3rd August, in spite of
mines and booby traps. In one empty bivouac recently vacated by
the enemy, this note in English was found:-
"We congratulate you on your great success, by taking
the Aveluy Wald, and making many thousands of Hun
prisoners. We wish you will have a very good time here.
Perhaps we take you a little bit of a better place somewhere
else, and therefore goodbye and au revoir.
"Yours truly,
With the object of obtaining identifications, "X" Company of
18TH BN.
the 18th Battalion (Lieutenant-Colonel C. E. Jewels, D.S.O., M.C.)
carried out a raid on the German lines near Locre at
p.m. on 4th
August, when a party of fifty men under Second-Lieutenants D. D.
Rutherford and
L. E.
Allen, covered by a party of ten men of "W"
Company under Second-Lieutenant A.
Croudace, moved forward
in two waves with the support of a barrage supplied by artillery and
Stokes mortars. The wire had been successfully cut and the raiding
party made an entry into the enemy lines. But the German garrison
had withdrawn on the warning given by the barrage and no
prisoners could be secured before the time limit set for the raid had
come. Lance-Corporal E. W. Plant was awarded the Military Medal
for good work during this episode.
The 23rd Battalion (Lieutenant-Colonel G. Hesketh, D.S.O.,
23RD BN.
T.D., Loyal North Lancashire Regiment) now makes its first active
appearance. After many weeks of training and of digging rear lines
of defences, it took over a sector of the support line near Strazeele on
31St July. Three days later it relieved two and a half battalions of
the 31St Division in the support line two miles south-east of
Hazebrouck and took over a sector of the front line at Swarten–
brouck, two miles west of Vieux Berquin and half a mile north