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who as acting adjutant had shown great gallantry
in making frequent personal reconnaissances in order to keep his
commanding officer informed of the situation, assumed command of
the unit and did much by his coolness and fine leadership to preserve
steadiness in a trying situation. Mandleberg took over the duties of
second-in-command of the I5th and organized parties to carry
forward rations and ammunition with such a fine disregard of
danger that his example produced a marked effect on the spirits of
all ranks.
Further attempts at progress were made during the afternoon
but without success. The Bois en Equerre was taken and lost once
more; and orders were issued for the line to
consolidated where
it was and for patrols to be pushed out to protect the captured guns.
Hurst contributed much to the consolidation by collecting stragglers
and putting them in position in the front line. Late that night the
I5th and I6th were temporarily amalgamated for tactical purposes on
account of their heavy casualties. On IIth August the combined
unit advanced into the Bois en Equerre at dawn, in rear of other
troops, and established a line of posts on the eastern fringe. Through–
out the operation the medical officer of the I6th Battalion,
Lieutenant G. F. Rigden, had done fine work. He established a
first-aid post well forward and carried on his duties in spite of heavy
machine-gun fire, even going forward to dress the wounds of men
lying in exposed positions. Several seriously wounded men owed
their lives to his prompt attention. He showed fine courage and
unselfish devotion to duty till he was himself wounded. The brigade
was relieved the same evening. The casualties in the I6th Battalion,
the only one to record its losses, were 3 officers and 34 men killed, 6
officers and I92 men wounded and 6 men missing. The honours
awarded included:-
Distinguished Service Order
Lieutenant W. J. Brockrnan.
Bar to Military Cross
Major L. C. Mandleberg, M.C.
Second-Lieutenant J. Hurst, M.C.
Military Cross
Captain G. H . Smith, D.C.M.
Military Medal
Serjeant T . A. Johnson.
Private J. T. Malone.
Private A. Riggall.
Private]. W. Rowe.
Private J. Wood.
Military Cross
Captain H . C. Gill .
Second-Lieutenant F. Allcott.
Second-Lieutenant W.
Lieutenant G. F. Rigden, R.A.M.C.
Second-Lieutenant P. Forman.
Regimental Serjeant-Major E. Anderson.
Private T. Heald.
Private L. Jones.
Private W. Walker.
Military Medal
Private G. V. Jones.
Private F. Ryding.
Private H. Ward.