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Bar to Military Cross
Captain D. Cumming, M.C.
Captain E. Fairhurst, M.C.
Military Cross
Capta in D. G. Bird.
Second-Lieutenant W. Charnock.
The Reverend C. Smith.
Second-Lieutenant C. W. Sumner.
Distinguished Conduct Medal
Regimental Serjeant-Major W. A. Girling.
Serjeant C. Carter.
Lance-Corporal J. W. Walmsley.
Bar to Military Medal
Lance-Corporal H. Lewis, M.M.
Private W. Spedding, M.M.
Military Medal
Company Serjeant-Major J. Riley.
Lance-Serjeant T. Lockley.
Corporal A. Pease.
Priva te H. Eachus.
Private J . Falconer.
Private H. Green.
Private H. A. Jackson.
Private F. Peace.
Private C. H. Perkins.
Private G. H . Robson.
Privat e T. Vigar.
Two other appearances of the Regiment in this Battle of the
Selle remain to be recorded. Some five miles to the north-west of
the scenes just described, the 19th Battalion (Lieutenant-Colonel
19TH BN.
H. F. Fenn, D.S.O.) was taken away from its pioneer work and, on
13th October, detailed "A" and "C" and half of "B" Companies to
attack and take Saulzoir and the line of the railway beyond the
River Selle to the east of it as the first obj ective, with the high
ground beyond it as the second. Lieutenant
B. Norman earned
the Military Cross in this fight by the way in which he led his platoon
through very heavy machine-gun fire and, even after he had been
wounded in the head, he went on directing the fire of his platoon
until he was again hit. This time his wounds were so severe that he
had to go back to battalion headquarters, where nevertheless he gave
a full, clear and most valuable report on the situation. Men of the
battalion penetrated into Saulzoir and got as far as the Selle; but
a counter-attack, supported by tanks, prevented the objectives
being reached anywhere on the divisional front.
To complete the story of the 19th Battalion in this area, mention
must be made of very gallant work done on 1st November by
Private A. Wolfenden. Two platoons of "B" Company were given
the task of placing bridges over the River Rhonelle, east of Famars,
three miles south of Valenciennes, to enable the I47th Infantry
Brigade to cross to the attack. Wolfenden's section came under
heavy machine-gun fire and its
.C.O. and several men were
wounded. Wolfenden took command, rushed his bridge into
position, crossed the river, attacked the machine gun and captured
and its team. His prompt and plucky action enabled the bridge
on his right also to be erected. He received a well-earned Dis–
tinguished Conduct Medal.
The loth Battalion (Lieutenant-Colonel
E. Cotton, D.S.O.)