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found 3 Bulgars lying in the scrub ... ; these were killed with the
is thought that one was an officer."
For bravery in action on 9th August, Second-Lieutenant
Walton ,..·as awarded
Military Cross and Serjeant W. Leeson and
Corporal A. Woodward
MilitaTY Medal.
30th A
"At 21.I2 hrs. a raiding party consisting of 2nd Lieut. Barwick,
2nd Lieut. Franks, 30 other ranks and 8 stretcher-bearers, passed
through our wire toward the enemy work P.d.... They advanced
as close to the barrage as possible to take advantage of the dust to
screen them.... At :21.35 the front line was rushed. The right party
under 2nd Lieut. Franks drove out 2 Bulgars who were shot and
killed. The trench was then crossed and the party made for a deep
pit in which Bulgars were found who fired point blank range, the
shots however taking no effect. Our party killed two and wounded
another. The remainder surrendered and were taken prisoner. The
left party under 2nd Lieut. Barwick met a post of about six, two of
whom were bayoneted and killed.... The trenches in the second line
were reached and found to be vacated ... and almost levelled ... by
our artillery. Casualties: 2nd Lieut. Franks slightly wounded and
5 other ranks."
t is interesting to note how much our troops had come to rely
on the bayonet at this stage in the war. Rifle fire was little used; a
fact noted by the enemy. "11 parait que les soldats anglais ne
tiraient presque pas," said the Bulgarian writer, Colonel Nedeff.
7th September.
"To Headquarters 65 Brigade. Please convey to the officers and
other ranks of the I2th Lancashire Fusiliers, who took part in the
raid on PAt on the night of 30/3I August, my high appreciation of
their gallantry and dash. . .. (Sgd.)
Duncan , Major-General,
Commanding 22nd Division."
9th October.
"At 0930 hrs. a party consisting of Lieut. C. H. B. Brundle
O.R. raided the enemy works (Z2) according to plan. The whole
work was searched but no enemy were encountered. The dugouts
trenches had been completely destroyed by our artillery. Lieut.
2 O.R. were killed in the enemy work by their barrage,
5 O.R missing believed killed, 9 wounded."
Seventeen casualties out of twenty-five here, and the cause fairly
plain. The enemy, warned by the bombardment, saw the party
approaching, withdrew their garrison, and shelled their own
trenches. Thus sways the luck of war.
On 28th October Lieutenant-Colonel].
F. Tweedie, D.S.O.,
was invalided home, after fifteen months of hard fighting, front-line
command. He was succeeded, first by Lieutenant-Colonel R. G. T.