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after the officer had been killed, using Turkish rifles and ammunition
when their own rounds were finished . And, although half of the
Ist/5th had been employed as garrison of the original British line,
parties of it had worked at improving communication trenches and
in bringing in wounded, Lieutenant
W. Butcher in particular
displaying great gallantry and, with Second-Lieutenant G. B.
Horridge, being seriously wounded on an errand of mercy. Private
G. Stewart went out twice under very severe rifle fire and brought
in wounded N.C.Os. and men.
As was to be expected, the Turks took every possible advantage
of the allied failure on the right and of its consequences all along the
line. At 3 a .m. on 5th June four lines of Turks charged in bright
moonlight along the spur between the East and West Krithia
Nullahs and
the trenches held by "D" Company of the Ist/sth,
though they did not reach the line held by Law and his men of the BN.
Ist/7th. They did, however, succeed in getting behind the British
front line and in taking possession of the East Nullah and the BN.
trenches to the east of it and eventually penetrated .into part of
Law's line. During the morning of the 5th, therefore, Colonel
Isherwood of the Ist/5th was ordered to prepare a scheme for the
retaking of the East Nullah and the trenches beyond it. His plan
was for "A" Company (Captain E. Ashworth) to relieve Law, push
on up the West Nullah, clearing it of any enemy and joining up with
the troops to the west of it; while "B" Company (Captain W. Wike)
and two platoons of the Ist /7th, all under Major F. A. Woodcock,
T.D., were to advance by a communication trench running along
the edge of the Vineyard at right angles to the British line and
occupy part of a Turkish trench at the head of it. The two parties
were then to join hands by sapping across the intervening ground.
During the day the Ist/8th were still further split up by having to
1ST/ 8 TH
send two companies into the second line. At IO.25 p .m. on the 5th, BN.
Ashworth of the Ist/5th, with Lieutenant G. C. Kay, its machine-
gun officer, led his men up the nullah, but found it strongly held and
could do no more than relieve Law and his party. In the meanwhile,
Wike and his "B" Company had advanced by the side of the
Vineyard and occupied his objective without opposition. But the
Turks were not taking things lying down. "C" and "D" Companies
of the Ist/5th, in a trench known as "R
(some distance to the
left) ,
were attacked several times in the night. And when daylight
came on 6th June, Wike found himself completely surrounded and
had to withdraw his men. At 7.50 a.m. "A" Company of the Ist/sth,
with the details of the Ist/7th attached to it, was also driven back
to a position south of the junction of the East and West Krithia
1'iullahs and dug in there, unfortunately losing both of the battalion's
machine guns in the process. At 9.5 a .m. two platoons of the rst/7th
and two of I st /8th were sent up to reinforce this party, the whole
being placed under Law's command. Repeated but
unsuccessful ls~Ns~H
attempts were made to regain the trench held by Law the day before
on the spur between the two nullahs. Bombing attacks and bayonet