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charges continued over a wide front throughout the morning, using
up troops to such an extent that at the end of it the only reserve
left in the hands of the Divisional Commander were 70 men of
the 1st/7th!
In the afternoon, however, the Lancashire Fusiliers Brigade
attempted a concerted and more ambitious operation, which met
with some success. The 1st/8th captured a Turkish redoubt, though
it lost its Commanding Officer (Lieutenant-Colonel Fallows) and
second-in-command (Major E .
Baddeley) killed. The 1st/5t h
and 1st/7th succeeded in recapturing a small redoubt, near the
junction of the nullahs, which had been taken by the enemy. At the
end of the day, the Turkish riposte, though made in great strength
and with much gallantry, had been repulsed with heavy losses, his
only gain being a small salient by the Krithia Nullah.
was on this
day that Private A. Farnworth of the 1st/8th earned the Dis–
tinguished Conduct Medal for gallant conduct on four occasions in
bringing in wounded under heavy fire.
The next day, 7th June, saw much bombing at barricades to
keep back Turks who persistently dribbled forward. "C" and "D"
Companies of the 1st/5th found themselves in a very exposed
position as the result of the withdrawal of another unit on the left.
"A" Company of the same battalion, after a brief respite at battalion
headquarters, was sent to trench "H 9" to support them. The next
two days were devoted mainly to consolidation, though the 1st/8th
succeeded in improving their position in the trenches and redoubt
at the junction of the nullahs with the help of trench mortars.
Bateson achieved the distinction of being recommended
for reward by an officer of another regiment who, when men of a
neighbouring unit had been badly shaken, saw
climb on to the
barrier which stood between his trench and the nullah up which the
Turks were advancing, and deliver rapid fire at them until his hands
were blistered, rallying by his conduct and his words those whose
resistance had been momentarily weakened. On 10th June a very
successful reconnaissance of trenches "H 9" and "H
was carried
out by Lieutenant
Burleigh of the 1st/7th, under whom Lance–
Corporal S. Wild of the 1st/5th voluntarily led a party into a section
of a Turkish trench which was known to be occupied by the enemy,
shooting two Turks at close quarters and driving the rest before him
until he was wounded by a bomb, an article of which the Turks had
an ample, and the Allies a negligible, supply. Soon after, the
Lancashire Fusiliers Brigade was relieved, an utterly weary and
depleted band which had nevertheless given a very good account of
itself in its first experience of trench warfare. During the battle, the
1st/5th lost 130 all ranks and the 1st/7th 179 all ranks, killed,
wounded and missing. For reward, the brigade received the following
decorations :-
.l1ilitary Cross
Lieu tenant R. 'V. Butcher, 1st /5th .