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in clearing part of the evacuated trench; but no further progress
could be made. Milnes had been severely wounded; and Pioneer–
Smith was killed
a gallant attempt to bring him in.
Drummer P. Cavanagh also displayed great bravery, though
wounded himself, in dragging in a comrade who had been hit in both
The Turkish counter-attack fell equally heavily on the Ist/8th,
which was driven back after suffering such heavy losses that only
7 officers and 73 other ranks were left in the firing line. The Ist/7th,..
and Ist/6th, however, managed to retain their hold on the Vineyard,
the second-named, splendidly handled and encouraged by Major
Lees, even beginning to dig a communication trench on the western
side of it and then making it a fire trench. Great gallantry was shown
by three members of the Ist/7th: Serjeant T. W. Field, though
wounded in four places and losing three out of a party of four men,
held on to a threatened length of trench until a successful counter–
attack could be organized; Private
Cryer on his own initiative
tallied a party of men when all the officers and N.C.Os. of his detach–
ment had been killed or wounded and, charging at the head of it,
recaptured a lost trench ; and Corporal
Blacklock exposed himself
freely in full view of the enemy and under very heavy fire in order
to encourage his men.
For the next two days ding-dong fighting took place in and
around the Vineyard, but without substantially altering the
situation. The brigade was relieved on 9th August. The comment
the Ist/7th Battalion's War Diary may be taken as typical of all
the battalions: "Our men were thoroughly worn out, the strain
having been enormous. Out of 4IO N.C.Os. and men going into
action, only I39 returned."
In spite of the heavy losses and much apparent failure, the four
Territorial battalions had succeeded in winning and holding a
tactical point of value and had held down a large Turkish force
which would have been very welcome to the enemy farther north.
The following decorations were awarded :-
Distinguished Seyvice Ordey
Major G. B. G. Wood, 1st/5th.
Lees, V.D., 1st/6th.
iW:i litary Cross
Captain W. Horridge, 1St/5th.
Distinguished Conduct Medal
Serjeant T. W . Field, 1st/ 7th.
Blacklock, 1st/ 7th.
Cryer , 1st/7th.