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was unveiled on 25th April, I922, by Lieutenant-General Sir
Beauvoir de Lisle, KC.B., KC.M.G., D.S.O., General Officer
Commanding-in-Chief, Western Command, and former commander
of the 29th Division (in which the Ist Battalion served throughout
the war),
the presence of Major-Generals Sir R. H. K Butler,
KC.B., KC.M.G., and G. H. B. Freeth, C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O., both
former Commanding Officers of the 2nd Battalion, Brigadier–
General T. S.
Wade, D.S.O., and other officers and past officers
and members of the Regiment, the Mayors of Bury, Rochdale and
Salford, and a large number of subscribers and the general public.
Colonel John Hall, V.D., former Commanding Officer of the 5th and
2nd/5th Battalions, who succeeded Colonel George Wike as chairman
of the Memorial Committee on the latter's death on 2nd December,
I92I, presided over the ceremony.
Memorials in the Parish Church of Saint J1ary the Virgin,
As there is no cathedral of the Church of England in the regimental
area, it has never been possible for the Regiment to have set aside for
its memorials one of the often numerous chapels to be found
cathedrals, as has been the case with many regiments. But successive
rectors of Bury, notably the Right Reverend Bishops]. C. Hill and
Hornby, M.C., have made Bury Parish Church fully as much a
home for the Regiment and some of its most sacred treasures as any
dean and chapter could possibly have done.
Below is given a list of memorials of Regimental interest, arising
out of the 1914-1918 War, set out in the order
which they
seen by a visitor entering the church by the west door and, after the
first item, moving eastward along the north aisle :-
(I) Book containing the
of Honour, described in greater
detail later
this chapter; this copy has a special and very
handsome brown leather cover,
the four corners of which
are red enamelled roses, while
the centre is the Regi–
mental crest
red and gold surrounded by a green laurel
(2) Wooden cross taken from the grave of Private J. Lynn,
V.C., D.C.M., in Vlamertinghe Cemetery when a permanent
headstone was put over it.
(3) Above this cross, a list of all the Colours in the Church,
including several laid up before the I914-19I8 War and
therefore not shown below.