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Though not strictly part of the War Memorial, the Regimental
Museum at Wellington Barracks, Bury, contains so many mementoes
of the 1914-I9I8 war that it is only right that it should be mentioned
in a chapter concerned with the Memorial.
There had for many years been a feeling that the Regiment
should have a museum; but it was not until I930 that sufficient
and suitable accommodation became available at the Depot. Major
F. H. Massy-Westropp, M.C., was then commanding the Depot:
he took up the project with great enthusiasm and energy, planned the
lay-out of the Museum, arranged the structural alterations needed to
secure the best display, obtained furniture, supervised the setting up
of the show-cases and, with the help of Major B. Smyth, O.B.E.,
M.V.O., launched an appeal for gifts in kind for display and in money
for the maintenance and extension of the Museum.
was given an
excellent start by the offer of Mrs. R. S. Wilson to present the large
and valuable collection of medals which had been gathered together
at the cost of considerable time and money by her late husband ,
Colonel R. S. Wilson, who served in the Regiment for many years .
Others, of all ranks, were not slow in following her example; and
exhibits of great interest, covering many periods of the Regiment's
history, came in. Major Massy-Westropp was himself a most
generous contributor.
The items in it which directly concern the I9I4-I9I8 War are
broadly the following :-
Medals and decorations, including several Distinguished
Conduct Medals and 25 Military Medals.
Badge as worn by the 2nd Battalion; and other articles of
British and German uniform and equipment.
British and German grenades and other weapons.
Souvenirs and trophies, such as the German flag captured by
a patrol of "B" Company of the 2nd Battalion on Saint
Patrick's Day, I9I5, near Le Touquet .
Pictures and sketches of France and Gallipoli.
Magazines, orders, maps, diaries and other historical records,
particularly of the 2nd Battalion , many presented by
Captain V. F. S. Hawkins, M.C.
The work begun by Major Massy-Westropp was carried on by
his successors, Major
Seckham, M.C., and Major F. Crawford,
M.C. The fonner completed the setting up of the show-cases of the
original gifts and made the arrangements for the opening ceremony,
which was carried out by the Colonel of the Regiment, Major–
General G. H. B. Freeth,
C.M.G., D.S.O., on Sunday, 29th
April, 1934. Major B. Smyth, O.B.E. , M.V.O. , whose advice through–
out had been invaluable, gave a stirring summary of the history of
the Regiment and so gave the museum its background. Serjeant A.