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Name .
BaJtaiian .
Dalt of L.G .
Temporary Second–
.. For most conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty in opera–
tions. Second-Lieutenant Schofield led a party of nine men
against a strong point which was reported strongJy held by the
enemy, and was attacked by about 100 of the enemy with bombs.
He disposed his men so skilfully, and made such good use of rifle
and Lewis-gun fire, that the enemy took cover in dugouts. This
officer himself then held up and captured a party of twenty. With
the help of other parties this position was then cleared of the
enemy, who were all killed or captured. He then collected the
remainder of his men, made his party up to ten, and proceeded
towards the front line, previously informing his Commanding
Officer as to the position, and that he was proceeding to retake the
front line. He met large numbers of the enemy in a communica–
tion trench in front of him and in a drain on his right and left.
His party opened rapid rifle fire, and he climbed out on to the
parapet under point-blank machine-gun fire, and, by his fearless
demeanour and bravery, forced the enemy to surrender. As a
result 123 of the enemy, including several officers, were captured by
Second-Lieutenant Schofield and his party. This very gallant
officer was killed a few minutes later."
(Extract from Londo1l Gazette dated
J .
9860 Lance-Corporal
.. For most conspicuous bravery and determination displayed
during the withdrawal of the remnants of the battalion when
closely engaged with the enemy. Lance-Corporal Halliwell, having
captured a stray enemy horse, rode out under heavy rifle and
machine-gun fire and rescued a wounded man from' NoMan's Land.'
He repeated this performance several times, and succeeded in
rescuing one officer and nine other ranks. He made another effort
to reach a wounded man, but was driven back by the very close
advance of the enemy. His conduct was magnificent throughout,
and was a splendid and inspiring example to all who saw him."
(Extract from London Gazetle daJed 25/7/18.)
D.C.M. 51896 Corporal (Lance–
.. For most conspicuous bravery, leadership and personal example
during an attack and in subsequent operations.
.. Serjeant Smith, while in command of a platoon, personally took
a machine-gun post, rushing the garrison with his rifle and bayonet.
The enemy, on seeing him advance, scattered to throw hand grenades
at him . Regardless of all danger, and almost without halting in
his rush on the post, this N .C.O. shot and
at least six of the
enemy. Later, seeing another platoon requiring assistance, he
led h is men to them, took command of the situation and captured
the objective.
.. During the enemy counter-attack on the following day he led a
section forward and restored a portion of the line. His personal
bravery, skill and initiative were outstanding, and his conduct
throughout exemplified magnificent courage and skill and was an
inspiring example to all."
(Exlract from London Gazette daled